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2019 HR Technology Conference- How AI and the Employee Experience Shaped the Agenda

on October 05, 2019

“Vendors are focusing their attention on ‘employee-centric tools’ that operate within Microsoft Outlook and Teams, Slack, Salesforce and other widely used tools.” System and tools in the flow of work will shape the future of the employee experience. –Josh Bersin, HR Analyst and thought leader, Founder of Bersin by Deloitte

This year’s HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, was an exciting time for the MeBeBot Team.

MeBeBot Founder, Beth White, was part of all female panel, discussing the importance of avoiding biases in AI when applying the technologies to HR and talent acquisition.

Along side Angela Hood, Founder and CEO of AI4Jobs, Chris Havrilla of Deloitte Consulting, Jeannie Meister of the Future Workplace, and moderated by Jessica Miller-Merrell of Workolgy, the engaging conversation focused on how both the diversity in the technology development teams as well as the consciousness of the potential human biases in machine learning have an impact in the AI solutions delivered to HR today.

Other highlights of the conference included Jason Averbrook of LeapGen, discussing how HR leaders need to nurture their technology solutions to achieve a true digital transformation.

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