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Believe It or Not…2020 Was a Year of Significant Accomplishments in HR!

on December 31, 2020

It's a wrap! The last day of December, 2020…I am sure we can all agree that it has not come soon enough! Most people who know me well know that I am a "glass half full" kind of person…and this year, I had to dig DEEP to maintain a positive attitude. However, what inspired me and what needs to be celebrated are the amazing achievements by the "first responders of business"…the HR and People teams!

Some industry leaders are calling 2020 the year of the "Big Reset", or the "Now of Work," the "4th Industrial Revolution" and promoting the concept of "SuperTeams," and we could not agree more! This year can also be remembered as the year when strategies, concepts, and processes, once thought to take years to implement, came into fruition in a timely and successful manner almost overnight!

Here are some of the key accomplishments of HR and People professionals this year:

REMOTE WORK – Who would have thought 9 months ago, that 2/3 of the workforce across the globe would move to working remotely? And 1/3 of those employees may continue to work remote well after the vaccines are distributed?

BRAVO to HR, IT and Operations teams, across the globe, for doing what was once considered "impossible" to move hundreds of thousands of employees from office environments to successfully working from their homes! Employee productivity has continued and the hybrid workforce will be the mantra of 2021.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION IS A KEY FOCUS – Social injustices, changing demographics, and the understanding that diversity…and inclusion (they both HAVE to go together) are imperatives for leading organizations and will become cultural norms for companies focused on high performance. The number of job openings for these key roles within organizations grew by 55 % in 2020 and we will see this positive movement continue. While HR has been the forefront of these efforts for years, we need to stay on top of the pay equity gap, as there have been no changes in the pay equity improvements in the past two years.

EMBRACING AI AND AUTOMATION AS A MUST HAVE! Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation solutions are no longer a "thing" for the future…they are part of the NOW of work! The benefits are being reaped by leading and high performing companies and success indicators demonstrate measurable improved productivity, efficiencies in streamlining workflows, and cost savings (offsetting valuable time spend on antiquated processes).

Not only does automation free up valuable time to focus on higher value tasks and strategic initiatives, it's what employees WANT and want now! Let's face it, we have FIVE generations in the workforce today…and most have embrace smart phones, collaboration tools, and other consumer solutions that have improved their own lives. Why not bring these solutions into the workplace? MeBeBot is here to help!

Here are some of MeBeBot's key accomplishments in 2020:

MeBeBot was created BY HR for HR teams, as I spent over 15 years of my career in every level and type of role in HR….across various company sizes and industries. From day one, MeBeBot's goal has been to make work more meaningful by automating routine tasks and elevating both the role of HR and optimizing the employee experience.

We are true to our vision and we know that our customers (who we call "innovation partners") know their people well, their organization's needs, and have had ideas for years on how to create efficiencies and free up valuable time so that they can work on more strategic projects that drive revenues and benefits to the entire company. We help them bring these changes to life!

The MeBeBot Intelligent Assistant instantly and accurately answers hundreds of employee questions, from HR, IT, to Operational needs, every week for leading companies. In addition to answering questions, MeBeBot has added the following new features to our SaaS productized AI solution, that's easy to implement in weeks!

Here are some of the key enhancements we've made:

Custom/New Questions

Added many NEW question/answers to our curated knowledge base of 100's of FAQ

Expanded IT and Operations content

Adaptive Cards Teams/Sharepoint

Offer related topics to support employee needs

Provide basic conversational flow to automate workflow needs

Dashboard Analytics and Real Time data of Usage Results

Views to include Daily/Weekly/Month/Two Month/Three Months of data

View Data by Country

View Data by Category

View Unique Users

Export Data to excel

Schedule Questions to Go Live in the Future

Edit questions for future publishing dates

Update one question and plan unlimited future answers

Single Sign On Features

For MS Teams and Slack

Ease of use for MSOffice365

User Management

Customer Super Admin manages users

Users/Roles by Country and Category type

Add/Delete/Change Users as needed

Global Questions by Country

Add question to any country by customer users

Edit/Delete question and publish changes

Ability to add many global countries at any time

And we're just getting started! Our product roadmap is rich with features to improve employee engagement and personalization so that MeBeBot is the "one stop bot" for all employee communications and support needs! Book a time with one of our amazing team members, as we'd love to help you start your new year off on the path to gaining valuable time back in your day

Cheers an amazing new beginning in 2021!