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2021 is the Year of Change, Future of Work, and Employee Experience

on January 06, 2021

While we are all thrilled to have 2020 in the rear-view mirror, HR and IT teams had several key accomplishments last year; most notably was moving over 50% of the workforce to remote work practically overnight!

MeBeBot’s end of the 2020 blog post reflected on the major accomplishments of HR and IT teams over the past year. Their efforts have paved the way for a clear path towards implementing time-saving automation and innovative solutions that will be the foundation for technology, supporting the “Future (or Now) of Work.

According to a recent Garner survey of HR Leaders, Organizational Design and Change Management, Future of Work, and the Employee Experience are three of the top five priorities for 2021, as organizations move from crisis management to more agile, innovative, and thriving organizations.

This report indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a lasting effect on the future of work by accelerating more employees working remotely, increased use of employee data and collaboration, as well as distinguish themselves as a top-tier employer based on their response to the pandemic.

How do you turn these key priorities into actions that produce immediate and lasting results? How do you prepare your hybrid workforce to be agile and adaptable for today's rapid series of external threats and opportunities?

While it may sound daunting to innovate and implement new tools and solutions, there are three actionable steps you can take right now and make progress toward your goals in 2021 of driving organizational change, moving to the future of work, and improving the employee experience. All of these priorities will be enhanced by embracing automation and using AI for organizational change.

Here are three ACTIONABLE STEPS to get started today!

First, implement collaboration tools as the new means of engagement and communication.This means; moving away from traditional email and embracing tools like Slack, Microsoft teams, Google chat, and others, so that you can eliminate-or reduce-the handcuffs to email, sharing files through unorganized means, and start modernizing your approach to teamwork and shared ideas.

Second, think about ways to enhance these collaboration tools by installing Apps like MeBeBot’s AI-powered Intelligent Assistant for automation of answers to frequently asked employee questions. MeBeBot empowers companies to reduce the volume of individual emails and help desk tickets that take up countless hours of your valuable time every day. By shifting to an HR chatbot, which automates commonly asked questions, employees can get answers instantly, when they need it, to support distributed workforce. MeBeBot is easy to implement, maintain, and scale to support your changing business needs.

Here are several customer success stories that further describe how other high performing organizations launched MeBeBot and achieved a quick time-to-value and empowered their employees to have consumer-like support during the pandemic.

Third, carve out time for more strategic planning and use design thinking to better align your innovation changes to customer and employee needs. As General Patton said, “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”

We live in a more agile world. Last year demonstrated that being flexible while going through rapid change is the best mindset for successful outcomes.

Why not “test” out MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant, a solution that allows you to:

Provide employees with instant answers to their questions when they need it 24/7 to support global and distributed teams, on both mobile or computer devices.

Install MeBeBot’s AI-powered Intelligent Assistant as an App, in the same collaboration tools that employees use daily to communicate, share files, plan projects, etc… quickly becoming a vital part of overall company culture.

Edit and update answers to employee questions or send out communication updates in real-time, as we now live in a rapidly changing world. MeBeBot’s customer facing portal has hundreds of questions and answers already created to enable you to launch a complete solution to changing business needs quickly.

Allows YOU to have a quick “win” and take a step down the path to automate and leverage AI for saving your valuable time so that you can focus on other strategic goals.

Watch a 1-Minute MeBeBot Demo to learn how you can get started TODAY with an Intelligent Assistant for your employees,saving you valuable time and money.