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Five Myths about AI Intelligent Assistants for Automating Answers to Employees’ FAQs.

on March 07, 2021

How many hours per day do your HR, IT and Operations Teams spend manually answering routine benefits, payroll, PTO, IT help desk, facilities and even accounting/finance questions? 

Our research indicates that the average HR Business Partner spends 1-2 hours per day, answering 5-6 questions per hour, responding to individual employee inquiries…over and over again!

Employees spend 20-30 minutes each day looking for answers to their questions, BEFORE reaching out to HR, IT or an Ops team member. 

How can you empower your employees to gain answers to their questions by providing 24/7 support to their needs…and free up your time to work on more strategic tasks for the business? Use AI Chatbots!

Beth White, MeBeBot's Founder and Chief Bot, has been at the forefront of developing and evangelizing for the benefits of AI Intelligent Assistants (or AI Chatbots), to empower employees and provide them with a solution that's "like the Alexa for the workplace."

Here are FIVE common myths…and read how Beth dispels these myths, using product insights and customer success stories.

Myth #1: Intelligent Assistants are complicated and hard to install/implement.

Beth: Just like any technology or solution for businesses, there are complicated implementations…and solutions that are designed to "plug and play." MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant installs in Microsoft Teams, Slack, or as a web chat in under 30 minutes! And, MeBeBot's Customer Admin Portal contains a curated knowledge base of 250+ Employee Frequently Asked Questions, for HR, IT and Operations to allow our customers to go "live" with our solution in days/weeks!

How is this possible? Instead of "ingesting" or "parsing" your company documents (then creating an FAQ that has to be tested and trained by AI), our customers simply use our library of the most commonly asked employee questions and edit our suggested answers. Questions like, "how do I enroll in benefits" or "how do I see our payroll calendar" have placeholders to add company-specific details (and even links to information shared on their company Intranets or document storage repositories) so that information is consistent and updated easily. No one likes to create content….but it is easy for HR, IT, Ops and even Internal Communications Team members to simply make changes to content (in real-time or for publishing changes at a future date), in our user-friendly Customer Admin Portal.

Myth #2: AI Technologies, like Intelligent Assistants, are expensive and not in our budget.

Beth: While some solutions and AI technologies are expensive, MeBeBot has been developed and designed to be affordable and accessible for any size organization. How is this possible? MeBeBot is a subscription-based software solution (SaaS), a product, not a solution that requires months of customizations and AI training. Instead, we're a "Bot in a Box," designed to be implemented in days/weeks so that our customers can see a time to value in two to three months.

Our solution is designed to fit any budget. The return on investment of MeBeBot's AI Intelligent Assistant is realized immediately, in improved productivity and reducing costs incurred by answering routine questions manually (or via emails or ticketing systems). With our dashboard of valuable usage data, our customers can see how many questions are being answered each day/week/month and by what category…as well as how MeBeBot is utilized by employees across the globe!

Myth #3: Intelligent Assistants are not accurate and cannot be edited or updated.

Beth: Some Intelligent Assistants cannot be updated at all or without paying expensive consulting services. However, MeBeBot's Customer Admin Portal contains hundreds of FAQs that are easy to update and edit, by team members that have access to this portal. Our content is divided into categories, such as benefits, payroll, IT, Operations. We have designed roles and permissions for users. Each business subject expert can make changes and publish these changes (for real-time updates), without any additional consulting services (or help from IT or development).

MeBeBot has developed a Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI data model, by pre-testing and pre-training this content knowledge base, so that our customers' employees receive 90% or greater accuracy of answers to their questions. While each business is unique, the types of questions employees ask from various companies are not that different. We have thousands of active employees using MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant and we apply both human supervised and machine learning to ensure accuracy in answers provided…gaining trust and adoption from employees world-wide.

Myth #4: Intelligent Assistants can't support our company, as we don't have up-to-date employee information and it's changing too fast.

Beth: MeBeBot knows that businesses are changing rapidly these days….and employees need consistent communications and answers to their questions, that are timely and ensure trust. We put the power in the hands of our customers' business users (from HR, IT, Ops, etc), to control the information/answers their employees receive at NO COST to the business.

Using our knowledge base of FAQ content instead of relying on outdated documents, company Intranet sites (that are hard to navigate or search for content), MeBeBot becomes the system of record for many quick answers to employees' commonly asked questions. If you have a change in benefits, processes, or the rapidly changing workplace/facilities related questions, MeBeBot becomes the trusted source for this reliable and up-to-date information employees can access 24/7 and gain instant responses to their questions or needs.

Myth #5: Intelligent Assistants will replace humans…and members of my team

Beth: As Human Capital Researchers from Deloitte state, humans and AI can work together, to ​create “Superteams”—groups of people and intelligent machines working together to solve problems, gain insights, and create value—as the next step in AI’s continuing integration into the world of work. And, as a result, work becomes more meaningful as skills gained allow individuals to reinvent themselves and work together in new, more productive ways.

I worked for over 15 years in HR, supporting employees across the globe. No matter what my role was in each company, employees reached out with their individual questions…and I wanted to be of help! But, I knew that our company had strategic goals and my team had key initiatives that would truly elevate the employee experience (like new compensation plans, diversity and inclusion programs, and even workplace changes based on COVID-19 and remote work).

Our goal at MeBeBot is to elevate the roles of the individuals that support employees…to free up their time so that they can work on tasks and projects that drive revenues for the business as well as employee retention and engagement.

Do you have other questions about using AI Intelligent Assistants to empower your employees? Meet with one of our "Myth Busters" to learn how MeBeBot works and how we can help you save time and money!