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Abrigo Case Study


Consistent Communications and 24/7 Support for Employees

Abrigo, a leading technology provider of compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions for community financial institutions, is a fast-growing company, headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina. To support recent growth and remote work, the HR team sought out to provide their employees best-in-class support, when they need it, to ensure the “heart and soul” of their company can continue to make big things happen for their customers.

Abrigo desired a solution that leveraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, providing 24/7 support, yet keeps their employees at the center of their company culture. Their goal was to empower employees with an innovative self-service solution and access to information, when they need it, to reduce frustrations and improve productivity. Abrigo wanted a scalable, yet cost-effective solution (versus traditional ticketing systems and inefficient HR group email boxes), as consistent communications and immediate answers to their HR and IT questions were their main priority.


The Abrigo HR team selected MeBeBot’s AI-driven Intelligent Assistant, an innovative solution to provide employees quick and easy access to instant answers to their HR and IT questions, without sending individual emails or creating additional help desk tickets.

Abrigo’s lean HR team simply updated and edited answers within the MeBeBot knowledge base, containing hundreds of curated HR, IT, and Operations questions and answers. Within weeks, the Abrigo HR and IT teams were able to personalize their Intelligent Assistant to fit their business policies, benefits, and procedures. Within a few hours, MeBeBot’s team provided a seamless integration of MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant to the Microsoft Teams’ toolbar as well as embedding a SharePoint web app within Abrigo’s Intranet home page. In under two months, the entire solution was launched to all employees to answer employee questions for HR, IT, and Ops.

With the timing of the project coinciding with Abrigo’s plans to re-open their offices for hybrid work, the MeBeBot team was able to easily add new custom questions and answers to the knowledge base to direct and address many inquiries related to the pandemic and returning to the workplace. By utilizing the various facilities benefits and policies content, Abrigo can provide real-time updates and consistent communications to ensure the health and well-being of their employees.

Instant Answers to Questions and Consistent Communications

The Abrigo HR and IT teams have found that the Customer Admin Portal, with the knowledge base of hundreds of questions and answers, has been easy to update and edit, to ensure up to the minute changes can be made as policies and procedures are updated. With the Intelligent Assistant, available in both Teams and SharePoint, employees have access to answers when they need it. As an innovation partner, Abrigo provides ongoing feedback as to the metrics and results to display on the dashboard so that the return on investment can be widely communicated and ongoing value is realized.

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