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MeBeBot™ AI Wizard — Advancing AI Knowledge Management for Compliant Employee Support

Bennett Sung
on April 18, 2024

As a leading provider of AI-powered employee experience (EX) solutions, MeBeBot advances AI knowledge management. On April 16, 2024, MeBeBot launched its Generative AI “Wizard” functionality within its Digital Employee Experience (DEX) platform. Providing a seamless experience from content management through to automated global employee support. Combining the benefits of Generative AI with Verified AI, every employee receives accurate and compliant communications to their queries. No time-zone delays. Resulting in elevated employee experience and workplace productivity.

MeBeBot Launches Its Generative AI “Wizard”

Image quote from George LaRocque from Q1 2024 Momentum News Announcement

This AI knowledge management solution leverages a secure Generative AI instance. It scans entire documents like employee handbooks, benefits summaries, policy documents, and IT FAQs. Next it applys proprietary domain and customer-specific data models to DEX’s curated knowledge base of FAQs. Answers are instantly provided.

Content owners are alerted to approve (or edit) answers. A “human in the loop” Verified AI approach makes sure information is delivered accurately and in compliance with business practices. Our hybrid AI solution transforms knowledge management. By providing unparalleled compliance and efficiency to enterprise employee support — at a global scale.

The AI Wizard means instant access to answers from entire documents, making knowledge management seamless and efficient. And with our Verified AI approach, accuracy and compliance are guaranteed.

MeBeBot’s AI Knowledge Management Process:

Three Step-Process to Manage Content and Reduce Risks

STEP ONE: Scan or Ingest Company Information

MeBeBot scans documents uploaded to our Digital Employee Experience (DEX) AI Platform. Matching your company and business specific information to our curated knowledge base of hundreds of FAQs. Questions across all business functions including HR, IT, Benefits, Payroll, and Operations.

Additionally, MeBeBot can also ingest a document from your company Intranet or shared file folders. As content is updated, MeBeBot ingests the changes and alerts the content owners to review/edit/approve changes. This functionality requires API integrations to your internal systems.

STEP TWO: Email Alert to Review Answers

Once the document has been scanned, an email alert is sent to subject matter expert (and Super Admin). Now it’s time review, edit/update, and approve the new answer, to ensure accuracy.

Step 2 of How MeBeBot AI Knowledge Management Process Works — Email Alert to Review Answers

STEP THREE: Review and Approve Answers

This “human in the loop” verification process provides compliance. The company is protected knowing that all employees will receive consistent information, to mitigate risks of misinformation.

Newly generated content can be set to go live immediately. Or the business users can review and edit content. To save as a draft or to schedule the new answer to go live at a future date and time.

Step 3 of How MeBeBot AI Knowledge Management Process Works — Review and Approve Answers

See MeBeBot’s AI “Wizard” in Action

Here’s a 3:11 minutes video from Mindy Honcoop, MeBeBot’s VP of Customer Strategy and Operations. Mindy provides training demonstration of how the AI Wizard works and updates answers in DEX:

Watch MeBeBot AI “Wizard” In Action

5 Benefits of Advanced AI Knowledge Management

Here are the key benefits that MeBeBot customers gain and the results they achieve in a quick time to value.

What Customers Gain from MeBeBot GenAI Wizard

About MeBeBot™, Inc.  

MeBeBot is a software-as-a-service provider of digital employee experience (DEX) solutions. dedicated to enhancing employee productivity for remote and hybrid teams. Seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams, Slack, SMS/Text messaging and web portals. MeBeBot’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant offers immediate access to accurate and compliant responses to common queries, boasting an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 93%. Its DEX platform also includes real-time dashboards, push messaging, and custom pulse surveys, empowering employees to provide swift feedback on critical matters.

Acknowledged as a “Top Intelligent Virtual Assistant in 2024” by G2, “Top HR Chatbot for 2023” by Select Software Reviews and recognized as a “2022 Brilliant Bot by Slack App Directory”. Over 23,000 users (about the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden) spanning 50+ countries use MeBeBot to make work more meaningful. MeBeBot is a productivity asset to numerous remote and hybrid workplaces, including IGT, e2open, Epicor, and Crowdstreet. And proud to be a certified women’s business enterprise by WBENC.


Bennett Sung

Working HR / Work / and Recruiting Tech for 17+ years, Bennett collaborates with leading solution providers. Brands like including ADP/VirtualEdge, Bullhorn/Jobscience, Koru/Cappfinity, AllyO/HireVue, Humanly, and now MeBeBot.