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Artificial Intelligence for HR – A major theme at the annual SHRM Conference in Las Vegas

on June 26, 2019

When you walk though the SHRM19 Expo halls, you will notice a trend forming….HR is embracing Artificial Intelligence technologies. This year, there were a number of amazing sessions, focusing on HR’s Readiness for AI as well as highlights of case studies from leading HR thought leaders.

Listening to speakers, the message is clear. The time for AI for HR is now. I watched many wonderful HR professionals explore the expo floor, wide-eyed, full of hope and curiosity and sometimes also completely overwhelmed. The future is here, but how does HR get started down a path to using AI to benefit their businesses?

Martha Stewart, the opening key note speaker, even sees the value in AI and said “everyone should be learning about AI…and do it now.” I may be aging myself…but at my very first “office job,” I didn’t even have a computer and didn’t need it to do my job! My work involved the phone and paper files…and now, I work so closely with computers and mobile technologies that it would be impossible for me to accomplish the same tasks without them.

Computers transformed our jobs, improving processes and access to information. With AI, according to Jeanne Meister in her session, “Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Employee Experience” (and in her book The Future Workplace Experience) one out of five workers will have an intelligent assistant as their co-worker by 2022. AI isn’t on the horizon, it is already here, as last year, 6% of all companies were using AI in HR.

MeBeBot attended SHRM19 to meet HR professionals and learn about the challenges they are facing as they lead their companies into the future. For those new to AI the questions usually are “how do we start implementing AI?” and “what are the benefits and what are the fears?”

To address these various questions, MeBeBot partnered with Workology to conduct a survey of hundreds of HR Practitioners on “HR’s Readiness for AI” and we’ll be presenting the results in our upcoming webinar on July 18th at 11 am CST. To register and receive one (1) SHRM or HRCI business credit for attending, please sign up here:

The webinar will introduce you to AI and machine learning technology, answer many questions you may have and give you a projection of the future. We hope you learned as much as we did at SHRM19…and had some fun along the way!