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Welcome to MeBeBot!

on July 03, 2018

We’re excited to launch MeBeBot, the first Virtual Assistant designed BY HR professionals FOR HR Professionals. Because we get it. We know how hard HR works within organizations…to make sure employees are paid, to handle all their benefit needs, to ensure they are treated with respect, dignity and have a healthy work environment…and so on.

You’re dedication to your employees is often at the expense of your most precious commodity. Time. You plan your day…with your Post-It notes of to-do’s, endless task lists, and various reminders. But, the projects and strategic initiatives often get pushed to the wayside when employees need your time, to get their questions answered about items that are important to them, their well being and success at the company.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the time back to work on tasks that move the company and the HR team forward in a scalable direction?

We’re here to solve that dilemma. By using tools and systems employees already love (messaging services like Skype, Slack, Teams, etc), we empower employees to find the information they need, through the HR Virtual Assistant, using chatbot technology. Win back your time and extend your HR team…with the HR TalkBot.