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Capture your employees’ attention with "push messaging"

on February 23, 2021

Last week was an eye opening experience for many people across the US, as we experienced winter storms, and were left without power, heat, internet and water. Employers were challenged with figuring out how to communicate and connect with their team members, to provide emergency updates and assistance, when traditional email messages may not have been accessible.

How do you communicate to employees during crisis situations? How can you provide them immediate updates and answers to their questions, when information may be changing daily (or even hourly)?

Many companies have adopted collaboration tools, like Slack and Microsoft Teams, which can be installed as apps on smart phones and cellular devices. Chatbots can be accessed within these collaboration tools on mobile devices to provide a communication channel to accurate, timely, and instant automated answers to employees' commonly asked questions (24/7) and "push out" notifications and updates.

Introducing MeBeBot's new "push messaging" feature!

Push messages are designed to send out timely reminders, alerts, or notifications to employees via Teams or Slack for deadlines for open enrollment, performance management, payroll changes, tax deadlines, compliance trainings and IT system outages or updates. Internal HR, IT, Facilities, Operations and Communications teams can utilize MeBeBot's Customer Admin Portal to schedule these messages (to be sent at a specific date/time) and choose the recipients to receive these messages (based on departments, business units, or geographic locations).

According to Beth White, MeBeBot CEO, “we had customers asking for this feature, as employees are overwhelmed with emails and important messages are missed. Companies are looking for new ways to reach their employees, with specific reminders for deadlines, company announcements, updates on system changes and business facilities. Push messaging sends out those reminders and provides the links to additional information to proactively answer questions.”

During the hectic period of open enrollment for benefits and the ongoing processing of new hires through onboarding, MeBeBot’s AI-powered Intelligent Assistant and push messaging relieves HR, IT and Ops team members of manually answering routine questions while providing employees with timely and convenient reminders.

Push messages, such as "Don't forget, Friday, November 20th is the last day for open enrollment for your 2021 benefits. Have questions? Ask MeBeBot to get quick answers to your benefits questions now," provide a new "channel" to capture the attention of the overwhelmed workforce. Yet, during emergency situations (weather or natural disasters), MeBeBot can also send out alerts to office closures, evacuations, shelter locations, and other local resources for assistants, accessible via mobile phones and cellular services.

Would you like to learn more how Push messages can work to help with your employee communications needs? Please check out our video below to see how it works!

Click here to see video of how push messaging works

The push messaging feature is an added benefit and feature of MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant. By using the Customer Admin Portal, MeBeBot's solution is affordable, easy to implement in weeks, and can be updated by editing a curated database of questions.

Click here to contact us today for a demonstration and to learn how our push messaging can streamline your time-intensive HR processes.