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Come see MeBeBot at the 2021 HR Tech Conference

on September 25, 2021

MeBeBot is delighted to be participating at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas next week, displaying our award-winning technology and solution for mid-market organizations. HR Tech is the leading independent HR Tech marketplace for over 20 years and is committed to driving HR success through innovative uses of technology to solve complex HR challenges.  

This year’s HR Tech Conference will feature eight different educational tracks on pivotal HR Issues that involve emerging HR uses (such as AI and digital tech for core HR and recruiting) that will help you combat the “great resignation.” These issues include employee wellbeing, employee experiences, learning, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and the future workplace. There is also a summit, “Women in HR Technology,” focused on the COVID-19 pandemic impact on working women and risks to affecting progress made towards greater gender diversity in the workplace. 

Will we see you there? 

“I’m Beth White, Founder and CEO of MeBeBot. 

My team and I are delighted to be exhibiting at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, September 28-30, 2021.

Please stop by and learn more about our Intelligent Assistant to automate answers to your employees’ FAQs, push instant messages for consistent communications, and to capture immediate feedback from employees with pulse surveys.

-Beth White, Founder and Chief Bot

MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant and platform for the employee experience is a great example of the evolving HR Technology ecosystem of solutions to drive automation while learning more about our people, using AI. By improving employee communications, onboarding, and scalable growth (for mergers and acquisitions), MeBeBot’s “bot in a box” technology elevates the employee experience. It is core to hybrid workplaces and distributed global teams, working from anywhere, anytime.  

MeBeBot is like the “Alexa for the workplace,” providing automated answers to employees’ frequently asked questions saving both employees and HR, IT and Ops team members time by improving efficiencies (resulting in higher productivity). Powered by an AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) data model, MeBeBot is an accessible, easy-to-use, and affordable solution for mid-market companies. MeBeBot has a quick time to value in two to three months with implementations in weeks.   

Our customers benefit from a curated knowledge base with over 250 HR, IT, and Operational questions with default answers. By simply editing/updating the FAQ content library, MeBeBot can be launched to global employees and provides an 85% accuracy rate for our answers. Our implementation has three simple steps. 

  1. Team members from HR, IT, and Operations (Facilities, Internal Communications, Finance/Accounting, etc.) complete our placeholders and review/edit answers in our Frequently Asked Questions knowledge-base, publishing answers in real-time. 
  1. Using Slack, Teams, or a web chat app, employees ask MeBeBot HR, IT, and Ops questions and get instant answers to their needs. MeBeBot asks employees for “Yes” or “No” feedback for its answers with the question “Was this Answer Helpful?” to improve AI supervised machine learning.
  1. MeBeBot’s dashboard reveals real-time ROI usage data and insights to employee needs, showing the most asked questions by location, category, and even questions that are asked with no answer, indicating an emerging need.  

MeBeBot answers questions from over 10,000 global employees in 30 countries. Our simple, easy-to-use, and affordable pricing model enables mid-market organizations with a low-risk buying decision—and a fast financial return. Our customers see a return-on-investment of $250k to $1M in the first year. 

Enough about us. HR Tech this year is featuring several exciting speakers. 

  • Abby Wambach, Team US Soccer Icon and Activist for Equality and Inclusion, speaking about “How HR Leaders Can Change the Game.”
  • Josh Bersin, former Deloitte Industry Analyst and Dean of the Josh Bersin Academy, speaking on “The Big Shift to Work Tech.”
  • Marcus Buckingham, Head of Research, People and Performance for the ADP Research Institute, speaking on the “HR Net Promoter Score.” 
  • Ravin Jesuthasan, Author and Futurist, Senior Partner and Global Leader for Transformation Services at Mercer, speaking on “The Great HR Reset and Reinvention.”
  • Jason Averbook, CEO and Founder of Leapgen speaking on “Reinventing Organizational Purpose for the Future After 18 Months of Disruption.” 

In the second year of the Covid-19 endemic (and after last year’s virtual-only conference), HR Tech is in-person, but the conference organizers are taking precautions. All HR Tech attendees will need to show proof of vaccinations.  

MeBeBot will be exhibiting in the Start-up Pavilion in booth #514AT. Please stop by, as we would love to meet you (and mention this blog for a complimentary gift for visiting us). 

If you won’t be at HR Tech, we would still like to meet you. Contact us to schedule a demonstration and learn how easy it is to put together a business case to gain the resources to have MeBeBot working for you. 

Click here to book a time to meet with MeBeBot and see a DEMO of our Intelligent Assistant.

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