How It Works

Our Intelligent Assistant provides a knowledge base of the most commonly asked HR and IT questions.  With an easy to use interface, you can select curated questions and answers or customize the content to fit your business needs.


Your HR  or IT Administrator can select from a knowledge base of frequently asked HR  or IT questions or create custom content based on your business and company policies

Edit Customer Portal

Your employees can access the MeBeBot chatbot through the existing communication channels they prefer (such as Slack, Teams, Zoom, and/or web chat in Sharepoint or your Intranet)

Install Chatbot 

Your Intelligent Assistant  learns from each interaction with your employees, enabling the bot to improve and respond more intelligently over time

Testing and Training 

Through AI data analytics, your dashboard (in the Customer Portal) shows usage and can identify topics for employee training and unlock insights that can help improve employee retention and reduce gaps in communication

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