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+ Creating Efficiency

+ Creating Efficiency


HR TalkBot

Your Virtual Assistant for Human Resources

Leverage all of your company's HR intelligence in a simple chat platform.


Enable employees to get all their common questions answered.   Anytime.  Anywhere.

Win time back with the first messaging chatbot, built specifically for HR...by HR professionals.

Why MeBeBot? 

Be Smart

Using Natural Language Protocols (NLP), powerful AI technology, and analytics means that your  knowledge base can grow and learn as questions are answered 

Be Responsive

No more forgotten emails or unanswered requests.  Your employees get a 100% response rate 100% of the time, with consistency and accuracy

Be Efficient

By removing routine tasks off your internal support teams' responsibilities, they have more time to focus on more strategic tasks

Be Flexible

By updating and modifying your company's information on demand,  your internal teams can dynamically change content without technical expertise

Be Connected

Your team can ask questions 24/7 from anywhere in the world, via web browser or mobile device, to get remote and shift employees answers on their preferred time 

How Does It Work?

Your employees have questions...

Empower them to get the answers.

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