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CrowdStreet Case Study



CrowdStreet is a rapidly-growing real estate investing platform with headquarters in Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon. However over the past year, CrowdStreet has provided their employees with the option to “Work where you work best”. To support this initiative as well as their recent growth, the HR team sought to provide their employees best-in-class support, when they need it, wherever they are working.

CrowdStreet desired a solution that leveraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, providing 24/7 support to their employees, with immediate access to consistent and accurate answers to their questions and needs for information. Their goal was to enable a solution for their employees that is scalable, cost-effective, easy to implement and maintain, while empowering their employees with answers to their HR, IT and Operations questions as well as real-time reminders and updates.


The CrowdStreet HR team selected MeBeBot’s AI-driven Intelligent Assistant, an innovative solution to provide employees quick and easy access to instant answers to their HR and IT questions, without sending individual emails or manually responding to Slack messages and chats.

To launch MeBeBot, CrowdStreet’s lean HR team simply updated and edited answers within the MeBeBot knowledge base portal, containing hundreds of curated HR, IT, and Operations questions and answers. Within weeks, the CrowdStreet HR and IT teams were able to personalize their Intelligent Assistant to fit their business policies, benefits, and procedures. CrowdStreet quickly and seamlessly integrated MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant Application to Slack’s toolbar. In under two months, the entire solution was launched to all employees to answer employee’s commonly asked questions and to send out company updates.

“MeBeBot fits perfectly into CrowdStreet’s “Work where you work best” mentality, allowing our employees to work from anywhere in the US. With MeBeBot, employees no longer have to wait for a team member to email the answers to their questions. They can get an answer immediately, on their computer or cell phone, using MeBeBot’s app in Slack,” stated Derek Sidebottom, Chief HR Officer.

With the timing of the project coinciding with CrowdStreet’s plans to expand their team and redefine a number of policies and offerings, the MeBeBot team was able to easily add new custom questions and answers to the knowledge base to directly address many inquiries related specifically to CrowdStreet’s business. By utilizing the various benefits and policies questions, CrowdStreet is able to provide immediate updates and consistent communications to ensure that employees have constant access to up to date information.

As an innovation partner, CrowdStreet is embracing MeBeBot’s product feature, called “Push Messaging.” Push Messaging allows CrowdStreet’s HR and IT teams to create and send reminders, company announcements, or general messages via Slack, using MeBeBot’s Customer Admin Portal. Push messages are sent to a group(s) of employees at a specific date and time. CrowdStreet’s HR team uses this feature to ensure consistent and timely updates to extend their reach in communicating to their employees within collaboration tools, instead of through email, for greater visibility.

Instant Answers to Questions For Scalable Growth

The CrowdStreet HR team has utilized MeBeBot’s Customer Admin Portal (with the knowledge base of hundreds of questions and answers), as a guide to best practices for the necessary company policies, benefits, perks, as well as IT and Operational support. With easy to update/edit answers, HR can ensure up to the minute changes can be made as policies and procedures are modified. MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant is available to all employees in Slack and provides employees access to answers when and where they need them. As an innovation partner, CrowdStreet provides ongoing feedback and innovative industry insight to ensure that value is realized for companies of all sizes, especially in high-growth mode.

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