SVP of Human Resources

Listen as Debbie Smith, E2open's SVP of Human Resources, describes how MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant provided scalability and cost savings to HR during acquisitions.

E2open’s MeBeBot personality called "Eva", was kicked off just over a year ago and has been answering an average of 200-300 questions per month from US employees for HR.

When you assign some time value to answering those questions, say 3 minutes minimally per question, this can come to a value of 2-4-5 days of time a month.  And that is a cost savings of thousands of dollars per month...delivering 3 to 4 times the return on the software investment. 

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific software to promote business growth, has expanded its portfolio of technology solutions over the past 10 years. Currently, Epicor has offices around the globe, with employees in 30 countries and centralized headquarters in Austin, Texas.


This dispersed workforce has made it challenging for the HR and IT teams to support their employees’ needs on many different time zones.

RetailMeNot, a leading savings destination to drive growth for international brands, has expanded over the past years, adding employees in the US, UK and France.


The HR Team desired a way to support their employees, 24/7 in a more efficient manner, streamlining their response time and services.


By using MeBeBot as an app in Slack, their employees have access to HR anytime, from their computers or mobile devices, and HR was able to automate responses, to questions, saving time to focus on improving organizational productivity.



AVP of IT 

Our IT Helpdesk supports over 2,300 employees globally, yet our support team cannot work around the clock.

With MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant, our employees can get their IT questions answered from Teams or a web chat in SharePoint, 24/7, from mobile or laptop.


Sr. Comp and Benefits Manager

MeBeBot's chatbot has helped our employees with their benefits and open enrollment questions, to quickly and efficiently provide automated answers. It has allowed us to scale and grow smoothly through recent acquisitions!"


IT and Business Manager 

I worked closely with MeBeBot during our AI chatbot development, pre-launch change management, and post-launch tracking and measurement.  With their guidance, we were able to launch IT chatbot service well within project timeline.

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