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Do More with Less – Invest in Solutions to Streamline Processes & Create Efficiencies 

on August 30, 2022

Companies in wide-ranging industries are cutting costs and laying off employees. On August 21, Ford confirmed laying off roughly 3,000 white-collar employees and contractors. Wayfair recently said it was laying off five percent of its global workforce. Meditation app Calm has laid off 20 percent of its staff, and Microsoft has asked employees to curb expenses. However, many companies are investing in digital solutions and software tools to streamline processes, create efficiencies, improve productivity and reduce costs.

Yet, the labor market remains tight as the number of open jobs remains about two times the number of unemployed. Laid-off employees are finding jobs in weeks and filling these vacancies.

Research published in the Harvard Business Review shows that layoffs rarely help executives achieve their long-term fiscal goals. Too often, these reductions of employees are done for short-term gains, without understanding the impact on the customer and employee experience. Instead, the cost savings are overshadowed by bad publicity, loss of knowledge, weakened engagement, higher voluntary turnover, and lower innovation, which hurt profits in the long run. The article shows how thoughtful planning helps organizations address cost-cutting goals, workforce transitions, and a shifting economic landscape without jumping to layoffs.

Today, companies can invest in digital solutions and software tools to streamline processes and help prevent layoffs.

Forward-thinking executives can take actions to cut their costs, avoid layoffs, fight “quiet quitting”, and stress less about making future hires. By purchasing easy-to-launch digital technologies and solutions, designed to automate rote and repetitive work, these leaders can realize a strong return on their investment in weeks. With companies embracing collaboration tools (like Slack and Teams), leveraging AI Chatbot apps in the “flow of work,” proves to be a winning technology that is effective and practical when companies are doing more with less.

Moreover, according to NewVantage Partners’ executive survey, 90 percent of Fortune 1000 companies are not only investing in AI, from IT to marketing to HR, and they are increasing budgetary dollars allocated to those investments. And 92 percent are reporting measurable business benefits from their current AI use, but the use is still limited across the organization.

There is one easy-to-launch AI-driven digital technology that is a no-brainer. It is affordable and has a fast adoption rate, resulting in a strong time to value:  AI-driven chatbots such as MeBeBot.

Gartner has predicted that by 2023, 75 percent of HR inquiries will be initiated through conversational AI platforms.

MeBeBot is easy-to-launch and saves organizations considerable time and money

MeBeBot is an Intelligent Assistant that installs as an app in Microsoft Teams, Slack, or as a webchat in under 5 minutes.

Unlike human capital enterprise software platforms, there is no configuration to undertake and no software programming to complete. MeBeBot provides a curated database of over 350 questions and answers cultivated by the top FAQs asked from companies across the globe. All your staff needs to do is edit and review the default answers provided to see that they fit your nomenclature, policies, and procedures. These questions and answers are organized by global content, then country-specific content, and by categories (from Benefits, IT, Facilities, Payroll, HR, etc.) to deliver personalized responses based on where your employees reside and their needs.

See how easy it is to modify MeBeBot’s questions by launching the short video below:

MeBeBot provides rapid ROI

MeBeBot launches in less than 30 days for most of our customers and provides fast results. Our customers see a 75 percent reduction in questions being asked to HR, IT, Facilities, and Operations. The time saved by your staff and employees (who no longer are waiting for a return call to answer their questions) results in a cost savings of $250k to $1 million in the first year, making MeBeBot a great ROI. This solution generates an extraordinary time to value.

Even better, IT, HR, and Operations learn that MeBeBot is their digital team member, answering employee questions and allowing them to address the strategic issues that enable your organization to grow profitably. And, with MeBeBot’s “crowdsourced” approach to training the AI data model (for accurate answers) and to surface new FAQs to add to the knowledge base, MeBeBot’s value to employees consistently improves over time.

In addition, MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant Platform includes Push Communications and Pulse Surveys. The Push Communications feature enables customers to quickly deliver information, reminders, and updates through the organization’s chosen collaboration tool. The Pulse Survey feature enables HR teams to launch a survey and analyze results in just minutes, facilitating a rapid understanding of sentiment and providing employees with a feedback mechanism.

When thinking about implementing digital technology to streamline processes, avoid layoffs, improve the experience of your employees, and return value to your company, don’t think too hard about it. MeBeBot is an easy-to-launch digital technology solution that is a no-brainer. It is easy to configure, inexpensive, enhances company culture, and provides a great return on investment/time to value.

About MeBeBot   

MeBeBot’s AI Intelligent Assistant, recently selected as a “Brilliant Bot” in the Slack App Directory, seamlessly installs in Teams, Slack, or web portals to provide employees with instant automated answers to global HR, IT and Ops FAQS. It also provides real-time usage Dashboards, Push Messaging, and custom Pulse Surveys, generating instant employee feedback on of-the-moment questions. MeBeBot’s “one-stop bot” is trusted by leading organizations to elevate the employee experience so work can be more meaningful and valuable.    

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