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E2open Case Study



E2open, a leading global provider of cloud-based software for supply chains, was acquired by a private equity firm in 2015 and began a fast-growth strategy through acquisitions.  Over the past few years, the company has expanded into new geographic areas and has more than tripled its headcount to over 4,000 employees. 

The E2open team was faced with a challenge in being able to transition such a large number of employees smoothly while also supporting the broader business in a time of extreme growth. The on-boarding work was time consuming and the global communication was often frustrating. 


E2open needed holistic on-boarding and support strategy, including tools that could begin providing additional impact quickly. The team selected MeBeBot’s artificial intelligence-driven Intelligent Assistant as a way to begin connecting employees more quickly with vital personal and company information without relying more heavily on the stretched HR team.  

E2open leveraged the MeBeBot knowledge base of FAQs to jumpstart the process customizing and tuning their chatbot. The team chose to integrate the bot in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, the company intranet platform used across the entire company…a process that took weeks rather than months or years.   

The MeBeBot and E2open teams devised an innovative launch plan, including the chatbot in new hire packets, annual open enrollment information, and introducing MeBeBot at company All Hands meetings. The HR and IT teams sent out company emails and added MeBeBot to their email signatures. Digital signage in offices and posted flyers within physical spaces included details on how MeBeBot could help them day-to-day.


The E2open HR team began to quickly feel MeBeBot’s impact, primarily in the sheer volume of questions that the chatbot was fielding. In the first three months, the number of questions that the HR team needed to directly address dropped by 75%. This allowed them to focus on strategic priorities including implementing a new Total Rewards process and system as well as global recruiting efforts. As an innovation partner to E2open,  MeBeBot is exploring other use cases, including career development, integrations to agile training and pulse surveys. 

The IT team was a key partner in launching the HR TalkBot. As HR began to see the value, the IT team took notice. This had lead MeBeBot to assist with Tier 1 level IT help desk questions, reducing the number of tickets to IT by 25% in the first two months.  

Today, MeBeBot answers hundreds of IT and HR questions per week, surpassing internal business goals. The success of MeBeBot has saved IT over 300 hours of help desk hours per month and over 120 hours of HR help desk questions per month, resulting in cost savings, improved efficiencies and 24/7 internal support of their employees.

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