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For less than the price for a cup of coffee*…

on December 10, 2019

Let me guess…you have an email address at your company for all your employees’ HR, IT and Ops questions….something like, [email protected] or [email protected].

The team divides out the questions and you end up answering the same questions, again and again (using your valuable time). You’re not alone…and it is just inefficient.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee*, you can provide your employees with MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant, automating answers to your employees frequently asked questions, improving organizational efficiencies and productivity.

It’s simple to use:

The MeBeBot Intelligent Assistant is available 24/7, from mobile or computer devices, providing your employees help when they need it. And, MeBeBot leverages AI so that the assistant is truly “intelligent” and gets smarter and expands its knowledge the more it is used to drive the employee experience.

Would you like to learn more? Just click here to schedule a time for a brief call, to understand just how easy and cost effective it is!

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*MeBeBot’s AI Digital Assistant pricing is based on a per employee per month model.