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Full Stack Software Engineer (Remote-Latin America )

on January 22, 2022

The Opportunity:

MeBeBot is disrupting the way companies use AI and automation to empower employees with self-service support. Leveraging an AI Intelligent Assistant, MeBeBot is driving the future of work, by creating efficiencies in business processes to elevate the employee experience. 

As a Full Stack Software Engineer, you have the opportunity to design, develop, and deploy cutting-edge AI technology solutions for enterprise HR, IT and Operations within mid-market corporations (500-10,000 employees). This opportunity is perfect for that well-rounded developer, that’s comfortable with both front and back-end programming.   

In this role, you’ll work with a 100% remote and distributed team, where connectivity and collaboration are paramount, creating and enhancing features of the AI intelligent Assistant and the tools (both internal and customer facing), we build to configure it.  

You’ll work using the Scrum framework being close to the business stakeholders and clients. This way the team has a short feedback loop of what they are building to provide the best value. As part of the team, you’ll help refine the backlog, estimate it and then develop, test and deploy the new features.  

The team is also responsible for maintaining the production running apps healthy and secure. This means you’ll be applying best practices of DevSecOps, analyzing problems, proposing solutions, and implementing those. You’ll also help design the cloud infrastructure that supports all this. 

If that’s not enticing enough, a big part of our product is composed of the latest AI technologies. You’ll be helping craft conversational AI, build a bot that can extract information from other sources and generate its own insights, connect to other systems to facilitate different tasks, and make the workplace a more fulfilling place.  

Here’s what you can do to innovate for the future of the workplace:

  • Develop front end web application, using React, with a focus on usability and features that drive results
  • Ensure responsiveness and high performance of applications, for enterprise customers 
  • Design user experience to facilitate easy adoption and use by business users and employees
  • Comfortable speaking to business users for collaboration on technical and business requirements
  • Complete all Users Stories, on time, in scope (per requirements), delivering value and quality for each User Story 
  • Design and develop APIs for integrations to back-end systems, with a focus on solutions that are scalable, easy to maintain, secure, and follow best practices
  • Adhere to design and development standards, for SOC-2 compliance and other international security standards
  • Tap into your creative spirit, combined with business logic and technical acumen, to build world-class SaaS software


  • Three or more years of professional engineering/development experience for enterprise business-to-business solutions
  • Experience developing cloud-based software solutions, with a preferred or knowledge of collaboration tools within business environments (like Teams, Slack and internal IT and HR Business systems)
  • Two or more years of experience with fundamental front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (having developed applications that are in production/usage in business) 
  • Two or more years experience with JavaScript frameworks and React(preferred) or Angular/Vue (applicable)
  • Solid experience with back-end technologies like .Net, Java, Node.JS 
  • Degree in Computer Sciences preferred (not required)
  • Ability to work 100% remotely (with strong internet for video conferencing and cloud-based development)
  • This is an independent contract position, with the ability to become an employee (with benefits) in the future. Generous compensation plan and pay in US Dollars.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills (our team speaks English and Spanish)
  • Good problem-solving skills with strong attention to detail and quality

Nice to haves: 

  • Experience with SQL Server or Azure SQL
  • Experience with ORMs, preferably Microsoft Entity Framework 
  • Experience with .NET (Core) 
  • Some Experience developing on the Azure platform 
  • Scrum or Agile Methodologies experience 
  • DevOps practices familiarity. 
  • Git experience 

We’d love to hear from you! Please send your resume to:

[email protected]

*Please include a bit about you and why you want to work with our team at MeBeBot!

About MeBeBot:

MeBeBot is an Intelligent Assistant and AI Platform for automating global and remote employee support, saving time, lowering costs and elevating the employee experience. We automate workflows and tedious administrative processes, along with providing 24/7 global support to employees’ HR, IT and Ops FAQs. Questions like “how do I use web conferencing tools” or “do we have telemedicine services” can be answered automatically, without creating a help desk ticket. Our customer portal knowledge base and AI Platform includes a dashboard (with valuable data and usage analytics) and our managed services ensure accuracy to drive employee adoption. 

Current customers, like E2open, RetailMeNot, and Epicor, have leveraged MeBeBot’s extensive knowledge base of hundreds of FAQ content to allow for global implementations in weeks. Our Intelligent Assistant is accessible 24/7, by both mobile or phone devices, so that employees can get answers to their questions immediately, integrating seamlessly to collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams, Slack and web chat, to drive employee adoption. Our team is growing, and we seek out team members who thrive in a fast-paced, highly collaborative global and 100% remote team.