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How to capture your employees’ needs at the point of engagement

on April 13, 2021

The days of sending out annual surveys by email may be numbered. The percentage of employees responding to employee surveys has been dropping for years (now averaging at 35 percent). Research shows that surveys with more than 12 questions or that take more than five minutes to answer have a 15 percent drop in the response rate.

Gartner observes that organizations will use formal surveys less in the future. There is a better way to stay in touch with employees, learn their feedback, and engage with them personally. The trend is for about 60 percent of organizations to use engagement data from other sources than formal surveys. Today's intelligent assistants are another trusted source. Not only do intelligent assistants provide your employees with answers to their questions instantly, but they can alert you to new issues and needs raised by employees through real-time generated usage data.

How does this work? Today’s intelligent assistants, such as MeBeBot, have become more sophisticated, thanks to advances in natural language processing and artificial intelligence. With these technology advances comes more capability. Follow-up questions (or conversational flows) can now be asked to the employee and the intelligent assistant can provide employees with specific and detailed answers, to resolve the need without escalation to live support or help desk agents.

MeBeBot’s intelligent assistant has answered questions from thousands of employees around the world. MeBeBot's AI platform and data model has been pre-tested and trained and can detect when similar questions are asked by multiple employees, which can be the first indication of a new issue that may need to be addressed. In an era of rapidly changing business conditions, employees want to be reassured with immediate and consistent responses. They want accurate answers from their leaders to keep them engaged and "in the know" of these changes.

Our customers have access to a Customer Admin Portal that provides them with valuable insight on all the questions asked by employees, based on specific time frames, categories (such as payroll, benefits, IT, etc.), and by country. For example, while benefit questions may be rising in India, return-to-work questions may be the hot issue in the United States, and quarantines in Europe may have an impact on access to the offices in Germany. MeBeBot customers can track global trends and MeBeBot’s Customer Success Managers can alert customers when employees ask new questions that may be insights into issues that may need to be addressed (with MeBeBot's push messaging feature).

MeBeBot provides many other smart capabilities for our hectic business environment. Its knowledge base of frequently asked questions (FAQs) is increasingly becoming the trusted source for employees for accurate answers (rather than company intranet sites), that can be tiresome and complicated to navigate or have documents that may be outdated.

For implementing or onboarding new customers, MeBeBot’s knowledge base of FAQs and editable answers enable two things. First, it provides a fast start to update and personalize answers that employees may ask, so that they are specific to your business policies and programs. Second, it provides insights into the trends coming from all over the world, specific to their workforce locations, and use our AI usage data algorithms to display real-time and emerging trends.

A design feature of MeBeBot’s platform is to empower the customer to be able to maintain and update their own content, to keep up with the frequent changes. Some chatbots cannot be updated without paying for expensive consulting services, but that's not the case with MeBeBot. The Customer Administration Portal we provide to our customers gives access to hundreds of FAQs which they can easily update and edit, without extra fees, consulting services, or help from IT departments.

Our software solution, database of frequently asked questions, and easy-to-use administration portal mean that our new customers do not have months of expensive implementation. Our “Bot in a Box” philosophy is designed to be implemented in days or weeks, depending on your company’s size and complexity. MeBeBot’s intelligent assistant installs in Microsoft Teams, Slack, or as a web chat in under 30 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes. Our testing to make sure we understand how your employees ask questions from around the US or the world and quality checking to see we provide accurate answers can take two to four weeks.

Our pledge is that you have a high quality, reliable intelligent assistant that delivers accurate and timely answers to your employees. Our customers can see time to value in two to three months, and some are experiencing operational savings of $250,000 to $1M in six to 12 months. Better yet, our knowledge base (of hundreds of questions) is not just for HR questions and answers, but questions and answers for IT and Operations, to extend the value of MeBeBot across the organization.

Are you ready to improve how you stay in touch with employees, address their emerging issues, answer their questions instantly and accurately worldwide? Are you interested in engaging with them on a personal level? Are you ready to be a leader in the 2020s? If yes, then….

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