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Outdated content? Unorganized shared folders or company intranet? No Worries!

on March 28, 2021

How to create an AI FAQ chatbot when your content is out-of-date or all over the place!

Let’s face it…it’s tough to keep company documentation, HR policies, benefits and payroll information, and IT instructions current and organized, especially over the past year!

Often, employees are searching through company intranets for answers to their common questions, instructions on how to access systems/solutions, and even directions to a specific task. While company intranets or shared company folders help many different people across the business create, edit, and share documents, there is often no one “manager” of this content to ensure that this valuable information shared is up-to-date and accurate.

What’s the solution to this common dilemma? MeBeBot’s Customer Admin Portal, complete with a curated knowledge base of hundreds of HR, IT and Operations questions (and default answers), is ready to simply edit your HR, IT and Operations FAQ Chatbot for your employees instantly!

While you may think that the questions your employees ask are unique, the majority of the types of questions employees ask or need help with are common across any organization. But what IS unique is your business and your answers to these questions, which may vary based on specific vendors you work with, policies you have, or even your company culture.

Here’s how MeBeBot’s Customer Admin Portal works to help you launch your AI Intelligent Assistant (or Chatbot) in days:

1. Complete Placeholders

Placeholders are text box fields, where you can simply fill in your specific company information, such as:

List or describe your company values

Provide the link to the Employee Handbook/Guidebook

Share the link to your Summary Plan description for your medical benefits

Provide the link to instructions to using the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

2. Review pre-configured questions and default answers to questions (which include your specific placeholders incorporated into the answer).

Not sure what kinds of questions your employees ask? MeBeBot takes the guess work out of trying to figure out what types of questions to include in a knowledge base, as we have curated this content for you!

Based on analyzing HR, IT and Global Support help desk ticket and queries over the years, we have taken the work off your hands and provided you with 80% of all the most commonly asked questions employees have…and we've also provided you with default answers that you can use or modify and use immediately.

The Questions and answers are organized by the country (all countries are supported) your employees live/work in and based on the following categories:




Total Rewards

Employee Relations








General Information

3. Simply edit the answers to these questions and changes can be published immediately or they can be scheduled to change on a specific date and time.

Policies, benefits and even how we will return to the office, post pandemic, may change daily/weekly or annually. Any business user, with access to the Customer Admin Portal and permissions to edit content, can make these changes, without the help of IT or development. It's easy to make changes in real-time, so that your employees have a "trusted" source of answers to their questions, that is consistent across the globe or can be specific to a particular country or location.

Scheduling answers to be published at a future date allow you to "set it and forget it" so that when you know about a change to a policy or benefit (for example, all the benefits changes that go into effect January 1st each year), you can get ahead of the process!

Benefits of Using MeBeBot's Knowledge Base

We provide you with hundreds of questions and answers, organized by categories of content (i.e., Benefits, Payroll, IT, etc.) so that each subject matter expert or business user can update the content in real-time or schedule new answers to be published in the future

Global knowledge bases and country-specific knowledge bases allow you to edit answers to questions to fit the specific benefits, payroll laws, employment laws, etc., for those employees. An example of this is in the US, where we have 401k plans to help employees save for retirement, but other countries (like the UK, Canada, India, etc.) have pension plans.

We have thousands of employees asking questions to MeBeBot daily (from across the globe). We have incorporated the most common questions and easy-to-understand answers, so that you do not have to create this content from scratch or guess what to include in your FAQ solution.

Using an AI data model, tested and trained by MeBeBot, our solution can understand the various ways employees ask questions and we return answers to them with 90% accuracy at launch!

MeBeBot's knowledge base continues to grow! As new issues surface (around COVID-19, vaccines, return to work, etc.), we create new questions and answers that are helpful to all our customers and their employees.

See how to use MeBeBot's curated global knowledge base today!