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How to launch and AI assistant in 30 days

on November 27, 2021

Research firms (such as Gartner) show that IT and HR budgets for technologies are increasing for 2022. Companies are finding that the right digital technology solutions can significantly help to accelerate their recruiting processes and improve employee productivity and experiences.  

However, many HR and IT leaders believe that implementing employee-centric digital technology solutions will be too costly, complicated, and time-consuming. That is not the case with launching MeBeBot’s AI Intelligent Assistant. MeBeBot is a “bot-in-a-box” and can be launched in under 30 days. As the “one-stop bot,” MeBeBot automates answers to all your employees’ common questions, with 90% accuracy.

It is as easy as “on your mark, ready, set, go.”  

1. On Your Mark – Start by adding your company specific information to our placeholders. Placeholders are variables that make your business unique, like the vendors for benefits, internal systems you use, your business policies, and even links to knowledge articles on your company intranet. Placeholders are organized by categories (like benefits, payroll, IT, facilities, etc.) and can be completed by your various subject matter experts in a few hours.

Placeholders complete the default answers in MeBeBot’s FAQ knowledge base

2. Ready – Simply edit our curated database of over 300 questions and answers, cultivated by the top FAQs asked from companies across the globe. MeBeBot makes this step easy, as the placeholders fill in details to MeBeBot’s default answers to commonly asked questions. These questions and answers are organized by Global content (for all employees) and then country-specific content, configured to deliver personalized answers based on where your employees reside. Your internal experts review the questions for their expertise and modify them to fit your policies and culture, simple to update anytime.

3. Set- Install MeBeBot as an app in Microsoft Teams, Slack, or as a web chat (in under 30 minutes) and to internally test your AI Intelligent Assistant. Your team performs a quality check to see that the questions are being answered correctly and accurately. Our customer service team provides “human supervised learning” and our AI data model (pre-trained and tested using natural language processing) continues to learn your specific company acronyms. This step ensures that our intelligent assistant recognizes the various ways a question can be asked by your employees and provides the specific answers to resolve questions without any further help.

See how easy it is to modify our questions and install MeBeBot’s AI Assistant

4. Go – Launch MeBeBot to your employees and drive adoption. With MeBeBot’s marketing kit, complete with launch materials (including email templates, flyers, slides, and videos) that you can use to show employees how easy it is to ask a question and get an accurate and friendly answer. 

Once launched, HR and IT teams love MeBeBot because the number of repeated questions asked of them drops off by 50 to 70 percent. Usage results can be immediately realized. You can track MeBeBot’s adoption rate with the Dashboard in the Customer Portal, available to internal business users and administrators. It displays the number of questions asked, by the various categories of questions and geography, and the satisfaction rating of employees. 

DONE — MeBeBot’s can be launched in less than 30 days! 

Our customers see a 75 percent reduction of questions being asked of HR and IT. The time saved by your HR and IT staff and employees (who no longer are waiting for a return call to answer their questions) results in a cost savings of $250k to $1 million in the first year, making MeBeBot a great ROI. 

Even better, HR and IT learn that MeBeBot is their digital work partner, answering employee questions and allowing them to address the strategic issues to enable your organization to grow profitably. And, with MeBeBot’s “crowdsourced” approach to both training the AI data model (for accurate answers) and to surface new FAQs to add to the knowledge base, MeBeBot’s value to employees consistently improves over time.

With Push Messaging (to send out reminders and notifications) and Pulse Surveys (to quickly gather employee feedback), MeBeBot’s AI assistant extends to both communicate and engage with your employees within Teams and Slack (in the flow of work).

We invite you to learn about the 16 reasons to implement MeBeBot by year-end! 

We want to provide you with a quick win to start 2022 off right. To ignite the dialogue, we are offering you a $25 gift card to see a demo of MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant by the end of the year. And, since MeBeBot is so easy to launch and affordable, we’ll take 10% off your annual subscription if your contract is signed by the end of the year! 

MeBeBot elevates your employees’ experience and offers you a great ROI from day one. 

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