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How to Select an Intelligent Assistant

on August 11, 2020

Do you want more time back in your day? And, would you like to extend your support to employees, from anywhere and at anytime? If so, it's time to consider an Intelligent Assistant to extend your reach to support your remote employees, no matter where they live and work today.

If you've embraced Siri, Google Home or Alexa as your personal assistant to help you order groceries, keep track of your to-do's and calendar, or to even check local business hours of operation, then you know how helpful Intelligent Assistants can be in managing your personal life.

So, why not bring the benefit of these types of Intelligent Assistants into the workplace, so that your employees can get answers quickly to their frequently asked questions? Every team within a company answers many routine questions, from how to complete a particular process, where to find a form, how to access specific information and even how to locate a document.

When considering a new solution to support your employees, having a checklist of features that will provide you immediate efficiencies and enable you to realize a solid return on your investment is essential.

Below are the questions that you can download to help guide you through your process of evaluating solutions that can fit your business needs, support your employees, as well as grow and scale with your organization.

If you want to see all the "YES" boxes checked, then please schedule a time with one of our solutions consultants. We'd love to demonstrate how MeBeBot's features and functionality will benefit you and your organization!