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How to use AI and Automation for M&A Activities

on May 29, 2021

Is your company going through fast growth, either organically or with mergers and/or acquisitions?

Do you struggle with having too few resources, time and outdated processes to support these activities?

Learn how you can create efficient processes and workflows that provide an exceptional onboarding experience for your newly acquired employees by leveraging AI and automation during M&A activities.

Please join MeBeBot's CEO, Beth White, and the HR Mergers and Acquisitions Roundtable to learn how fast-growing companies, like E2open, Epicor and Ziff Davis, are using AI and automation solutions to help them streamline their onboarding and support of employees (from both the newly acquired companies and their existing people/teams).

On June 17th at 12:00 pm CST, Beth will share insights into how AI Chatbots and Robotic Process Automation works and how success is measured in the industry.

CLICK HERE to register for this FREE VIRTUAL event, hosted by the Dallas, Texas HR M&A Roundtable.