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How to use Intelligent Assistants for critical COVID-19 employee communications

on March 16, 2020

By Beth White, Founder and Chief Bot

For the past several weeks to months, MeBeBot customers and our community of HR and IT leaders have been gathering resources and creating "command centers." These centers are focused on priorities and taking actions to safeguard their employees, customers and partners during our global health crisis.

Many of the efforts are focused on how to effectively communicate to provide direct information about COVID-19, with the actions that will be taken to ensure the health and safety of employees so they can service their customers' needs. With the influx of employee questions and concerns, HR and IT teams have been working overtime, often answering the same inquiries over and over.

Today, MeBeBot customers are able to provide their employees/team members up to the minute information by updating their automated answers to common employee questions, using MeBeBot's Global Admin Portal.

Here are some of the frequently asked employee questions, available in the MeBeBot solution, that can be updated in the Admin Portal and published for employees to see in real time:

Office Hours- If your offices are temporarily closed to the public and/or to employees, you can add an update here.

Working Remote– If your company is now encouraging more remote work, this answer can be updated to give up to the minute information.

Conference Call System- Team members can be provided the necessary information on how to set up and use web conferencing tools.

VPN- Employees can learn how to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to login and securely work remote.

Company Meeting– If you are changing the frequency of your company meetings, simply update this answer to include specific meeting dates, times and even Zoom or web conferencing info.

Facilities- This answer can be updated to include information about personal hygiene (hand washing, sanitizers) and office cleaning protocol.

Emergency Room Coverage- If you want to encourage employees to go to urgent care first, if they become ill, you can remind employees of when to use the emergency room.

Urgent Care Coverage- If you'd like to add additional information about COVID-19 testing facilities in your specific communities, you can add these locations here.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)- These are stressful times for all, and many employers have EAP programs that provide phone based counseling services.

The MeBeBot team has created specific COVID-19 questions we will be offering to all our customers, to help you with the ongoing questions regarding this global crisis.

Here is a demo to show how easy it is to keep communications up-to-date using MeBeBot:

*To see how easy MeBeBot is to implement today, please book a 15 min time to see a demo:

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