What does the HR TalkBot do?

Create Customized Knowledge Bases

We believe that too much time is wasted on outdated processes and antiquated software solutions.  Founded by HR Professionals who know various HR systems and who are geeks about emerging technologies,  we focused on "How we can leverage current popular messaging services (that employees already use and love) and empower employees to use this technology to get them the information they want, when they want it?"So, we began MeBeBot, by creating a new solution that leverages knowledge bases and integrations to existing database systems...and uses some of the newest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence...


  • By using your own company information (like Employee Handbooks, Benefits Summaries, Policy Guidelines, Intranet Pages, Sharepoint sites, etc.), MeBeBot creates knowledge bases of questions and answers specific to your business and employees' needs.

  • Employees can access this information using messaging services they currently use (like Slack, Skype and Teams), by typing in questions and retrieving information faster and easier than other types of search functions.

HR Database Access

  • Simplified access to HRC Databases and self service portals means less questions to HR teams

  • Employees can use messaging services they currently use (like Slack, Skype and Teams) to access information from your cexisting systems in seconds including payroll information, Paid time off, or contact information in the org structure. The bot only provides personal information to the intended user and never accesses personally identifiable information such as social security numbers or date of birth.


New Hire Onboarding

  • Automate simple HR tasks and communications for New Hire Onboarding:

  • Ramp up new employees faster and win back time.  The bot can share company information on demand with each new employee as well as proactively delivering reminders for onboarding meetings, deadlines for new hire paperwork and other automated tasks.

Open Enrollment

  • Eliminate the repetitive questions that are common during open enrollment periods. HR team members provide the answers (one time) to the chatbot and can automated reminders about deadlines.