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Looking for an affordable EX technology that drives efficiency and can be implemented by year end?

on November 14, 2021

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*valid until December 31, 2021

Looking for an affordable technology solution that drives efficiency, improves productivity and can be implemented by year-end to support your employee experience?

This is the time of year when HR and IT executives are looking to purchase affordable technologies that can be implemented before the end of the year to provide a fast return on investment. MeBeBot fits the bill.  

The past two years have seen dramatic shifts in organizational priorities and disruption, such as:

  • Covid-19 safety issues 
  • Vaccine mandate requirements 
  • The increasing number of employees working remotely 
  • Transitioning back to the office with some employees moving to hybrid work models 
  • The great resignation and reckoning of workers who are looking for more flexibility at work and better pay, benefits, and career progression, and
  • Demands for better equity, inclusion, and diversity.  

HR pundits (such as Josh Bersin and Jason Averbook) have stated that the disruption of the past two years has accelerated hybrid work and the need for digital technology to improve communications and collaboration from wherever employees are working…by about five years!  

We are living in a new and ever-changing world. 

While a recent Gartner survey reports that most HR and IT budgets will increase next year, the 2022 HR budget will face cost pressure from higher wages, health care budgets, and the higher recruiting and training costs that come with high turnover. 

Now is the time to invest in fast-return technologies that give you an immediate return. MeBeBot is used now by domestic and global, fast-growth companies like yours. 

MeBeBot is your one-stop bot the elevates the employee experience, improves employee productivity, and HR and IT efficiency.  

Here are 16 reasons to select and implement MeBeBot by the end of the year: 

  1. It provides instant answers to your most common HR, IT, and operations questions. You no longer need a bot for HR, IT, and other functions, saving you considerable administration time and costs.  
  1. Our clients see an average 75 percent reduction in questions going to HR and IT staff, freeing them to do more strategic work from day one. 
  1. It is often up and running in two-to-four weeks. 
  1. It does not require anyone on your team to learn code. It is designed for easy use and upkeep. 
  1. Employees access MeBeBot on Teams, Slack or on a web chat. 
  1. It is powered by incredible AI and Natural Language Processing that learns as your organization grows and improves the experience of your employees. 
  1. If you have questions, we stand behind you with an excellent human customer service team that answers when you call. We don’t leave you hanging out to dry. 
  1. It is affordable. 
  1. Employees want a “consumer-like” feel to their employee support, whether they work in the office, at home, or a supplier or customer’s location, to answer their questions 24/7 – not to wait for a return phone call. 
  1. It scales as your growing organization scales. 
  1. You will learn from MeBeBot as it learns from the thousands of questions it answers every day, revealing new issues and solutions that you can apply in your organization. 
  1. It provides you with real-time analytics to learn what is on the minds of your employees. 
  1. It provides reminders to employees, which help drive compliance for onboarding and open enrollment deadlines. 
  1. It can ask your employees survey questions and tabulate the answers for you. 
  1. It asks your employee if the answer provided is satisfactory – then keeps track of your employees’ satisfaction. 
  1. It saves our clients $250K to $1 Million in the first six months to a year, providing an extraordinary return on investment. 

Please don’t take our word for it. We invite you to read our case studies and see below what just two of our customers have to say.  

Here are some helpful resources to help you do your year-end planning to consider and implement MeBeBot: 

Contact us today to see a demo, have a chat, and to get started!