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Intelligent Assistants: The New "Perk" for Employee Engagement and Culture

on June 26, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, the ongoing health concerns have rapidly changed our workplace environments, moving from offices to homes. And, it’s been difficult for most of us to keep up with these new adjustments…to our daily lives as well as to the way we work.

As the world continues adapting to a remote-work world, corporate leadership teams are assessing how to support, connect, and build a culture to engage their employees outside of the traditional office walls. Company culture has taken a big hit, as “Taco Tuesdays” and “Friday Happy Hours” are no longer possible.

Company events brought people together, to socialize and stay connected with one another and to build a sense of community. Today, companies struggle to drive employee culture while supporting productivity, health and wellness, and remote work concerns.

However, some companies are innovating in these uncertain times to ensure employee engagement remains intact. Epicor is a great example of using “out-of-the-box” thinking to bridge the company culture gaps by using MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant.

Epicor has a dedicated employee experience team (consisting of members from human resources, I.T. and internal marketing communications), committed to extending their employee support and culture, when most of their employees are working remotely.

"As part of the Employee Engagement and Communications team at Epicor, I’m quite passionate about employee experience/satisfaction,” said Whitney Evan, Internal Communications Manager at Epicor. “And, I have worked plenty of jobs where employee perks are of the free food and beverages variety.” Evans believes, however, that through this pandemic, a new focus on helpful resources tailored to staff is what employees need.

MeBeBot responded to Epicor’s needs (and the needs other customers) by providing answers to their employee questions about returning to work, COVID-19 related changes, as well as I.T. needs for home offices. And, MeBeBot introduced new questions to help inspire and build virtual employee communities, with the “health tip” and “productivity tip” of the week.

Making it easier for employees to get their questions answered (through an Intelligent Assistant) reinforces and drives company culture virtually. It's a win-win for both business leaders and their team members.

Why not invest Intelligent Assistants as a perk that is meaningful and lasting, when we’re all in need of ways to save time and improve our productivity!

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