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Is a "better" work / life balance a goal for you in 2019?

on January 02, 2019

I LOVE my job..but I also really enjoy spending time with family, friends and participating in hobbies (yoga, running, biking, watching movies, and supporting local live music). I structure my day so that I can accomplish more challenging tasks during the hours of my day when my brain is firing on all cylinders. And, I use tools (like Trello, tasks and my calendar) to plan out meetings and tasks so that I have a sense of accomplishment.

But, I am not immune to how email and messaging tools distract me and feed into my ADD that I struggle to control. And, at times, work takes over and my life can be out of balance. With our fast paced society and all the tools to “stay connected,” it’s hard to manage all the distractions that can eat up time in our days.

If having a better work /life balance is a goal for you this year, think about working SMARTER, not harder. You can take some simple steps, like changing your email settings to only push email messages when launching an app or turning off the alerts for text messages, to help to keep distractions at bay.

But, what if you could gain more time back in your day and limit some of the interruptions of routine tasks? As an HR Director, managing my time was always one of my biggest challenges…as constant interruptions was part of a typical day. Being available for employees, when they have questions, need help with an issue, or require guidance for being successful at their jobs is part of the role of HR.

By giving your employees access to a Virtual Assistant, your employees can get answers to questions immediately, from a computer or mobile device, any time of day or night. Chatbot technology uses messaging tools and Artificial Intelligence that gets smarter over time, so you can gain more time back in your day…valuable time that allows you to focus on other challenging tasks HR accomplishes every day. Work interruptions cause lack of productivity….which means your work /life balance takes a toll.


In 2019, focus on working smarter, not harder. Let us show you a demo to see how you can gain more time in your day, working smarter, by using the HR TalkBot as your new Virtual HR Assistant. Schedule a time here:

Curious about how your time management skills stack up? Take this quiz by Mark Murray, leadership guru here: