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Help Wanted: Digital Workplace Assistant for Tier 0-1 Employee Support Needed Immediately

Mindy Honcoop
on February 27, 2023

With globalization, hybrid work and changing economic conditions, companies have been focused on re-organizing their talent and workforce, so as to better align with market needs. Re-orgs are tough, but it’s a great opportunity to examine your team and re-think the best structure to align with the business.

Innovative Human Resources leaders like Derek Sidebottom had an opportunity to re-think the People team’s organization from the ground up. He made a conscious decision to augment his People team with an AI Intelligent Assistant. MeBeBot has a “role” within his organization chart. Responsible for providing automated employee support and real-time communications (as an app in Slack). Thus, fulfilling the Tier 0-1 employee support needs for Payroll, Benefits, HR, IT, and Facilities. MeBeBot is an integral part of his team, freeing up valuable time for HR, Ops, and IT. Empowering operations to focus on more strategic work that’s impactful to CrowdStreet.

“MeBeBot is our Tier 1 employee support destination for hundreds of answers a month and it’s an integral part of our People Team…MeBeBot even has a place on our Org Chart! With MeBeBot, we’re able to provide our employees with immediate 24/7 support to their common questions and we use push messages for automated reminders for timely communications. We need to find ways to include the AI in our HR client service models or it’s too easy to forget it’s there fulfilling a job,” says Derek Sidebottom, Chief Human Resources Officer at CrowdStreet

Below is a sample job description for a “Digital Workplace Assistant.” Re-think each role you need and how to incorporate AI and automation to create a Super Team!

Employing digital workplace assistant to deliver a singular employee experience

Innovative Company Seeks to Transform their Employee Service Delivery.

Job Summary:

The Digital Workplace Assistant is key to bringing together the employee support functions (e g IT, Facilities, HR, and Payroll). While enhancing and humanizing the employee service delivery model, you will facilitate employees in finding point-in-time answers, consequently supporting moments that matter most, and gathering employee feedback on the quality of their experience. Reporting to the Chief People Officer (or People Operations Lead), you will act as a trusted partner for all employees. Serving as a consultant to management on the employee service delivery Tier 0-1 experience, you will provide people analytics and usage data to inform continuous improvement. As the singular digital front door, employees will use you to find real-time, company-specific answers to employee questions (as an app in Microsoft Teams or Slack, and/or as a web chat). 

Your success enables support function team members with the capacity to improve tier 2-3 support needs for faster resolution. By reclaiming valuable time, functional team members can prioritize strategic people initiatives that enable the business to scale and grow. Additionally, you will directly affect improvements in employee retention and well-being by automating and incorporating human-centered design into the employee service delivery 0-1 experience.  

Responsibilities of Intelligent Assistant for Employee Experience.

  1. Provides a consumer-like global employee self-service experience and expert-level tier 0-1 support 24/7 for workplace services, benefits, policies, procedures, processes, and programs.  
  1. Evolves and automates the employee service support tier 0-1 while partnering and consulting closely with support team functions (IT, Facilities, Payroll, and HR).  
  1. Demonstrates a centralized knowledge base of current employee location and everyday workplace Q&A to personalize responses.  
  1. Collects and shares employee feedback and data to recommend service delivery enhancements and strategies to support team function leadership.  
  1. Engages with employees to learn conversational workplace vernacular to improve personalized answer quality continuously.  
  1. Ability to provide personalized onboarding support for internal and external hires, decreasing employees’ ramp time and improving team business continuity.  
  1. Collaborates with support function experts to schedule and deliver meaningful push notifications to the appropriate audience.  
  1. Partners with support function leaders to create, schedule, deliver, and collect data from tailored employee pulse surveys.  
  1. Provides pre-written Q&A templates for support function leaders to review and edit, while collaborating to build custom questions and answers to align with workplace processes.  

Skills Required of an Intelligent Assistant.

  1. Ability to securely install in Microsoft Teams, Slack and Microsoft SharePoint (or as a web chat).  
  1. Fluent in conversational AI, combining natural language processing with human supervised machine learning with 90%+ accuracy of answers delivered.  
  1. Extensive experience automating tier 0-1 employee service delivery processes and procedures, using a crowdsourced approach to training the AI data language model. 
  1. Supporting employees with routine questions, any time from anywhere, working 24/7 from across the globe.
  1. Robust and active listening and communication skills.  
  1. Experience in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging efforts, to drive more adoption/usage of these programs. 
  1. Proven ability to apply user experience, human-centered design, and user interface best practices.  
  1. Proficient at Data Analytics and Data Storytelling. 
  1. People-first and results-driven focus, within the flow of work so you’re accessible and easy to use.
  1. Comprehensive knowledge of employee workplace service and support Q&A, with mentoring and coaching by other internal HR, IT, and Ops team members.  
  1. Collaborative, growth mindset, and open to feedback, and ability to improve immediately.

Measuring Success of Intelligent Assistant for Employee Experience.

  1. Onboard and launch employee self-delivery tier 0-1 support within a month of your hire date. 
  1. Support and answer 80% of global employees’ routine self-service Facilities, IT, Payroll, Benefits, and HR Questions.  
  1. Significantly decrease external and internal employee onboarding ramp time and improve team business continuity. 
  1. Decrease regrettable attrition, by removing frustrations from employees’ waiting for responses from help desk tickets or emails/messages.
  1. Improve employee engagement scores, by providing quick results to pulse surveys.
  1. Increase time spent by support team members on strategic work that fuels business growth, saving hundreds of hours of valuable time from your other internal team members. 
  1. Significantly increase employee and manager capability and productivity.

Opportunities for Growth.

Partner with Learning & Development to supplement and evolve our current manager development program. Incorporate interactive capabilities such as point-in-time training resources, interactive follow-up surveys, and coaching nudges. Deliver personalized responses to employees, with detailed information that may be residing in other internal databases (like HCMs or HRIS solutions).

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