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MeBeBot Announces the Expansion of its Intelligent Assistant Knowledge Base to include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Questions

on January 06, 2022

MeBeBot’s AI ChatBot Automates HR, IT and Ops Support by Providing Immediate Answers to Employees’ Questions within Teams, Slack or Web Portals 

Austin, TX (January 12, 2022) MeBeBot, a leading provider of an AI Employee Experience Platform that supports HR, IT and Operations teams, announced the expansion of its Global Human Resources Knowledge Base to include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion content. MeBeBot’s solution includes a proprietary knowledge base with hundreds of questions and answers that are easily edited to reflect the customer’s unique culture and environment.  

According to the “Gartner for HR Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2022,”, thirty five percent of HR leaders are prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives in 2022 (Gartner, 2021, p. 2). And Josh Bersin comments in his report, “HR Predictions for 2022,” that “companies will build on the sense of belonging they created during the pandemic to further refine their DEI programs.” (The Josh Bersin Company, 2021, p. 14) 

“We are thrilled to provide customers with content to assist their DEI initiatives. Our technology enables HR teams to deliver accurate, consistent messages to employees instantly, helping to facilitate the sense of community and culture needed for a positive employee experience,” said Beth White, Founder and CEO of MeBeBot.  “With our community approach to generating new questions and answers, we deliver relevant content that will help keep HR leaders on the forefront of employee communications strategies.”  

MeBeBot’s unique, crowdsourced approach to training their AI data model utilizing Natural Language Processing and human/machine learning of customer’s aggregated data, ensures employees receive timely and accurate information during these times of significant workplace change. 

Sybil Stewart, DEI Director of Abrigo

“We use MeBeBot’s innovative AI-driven Intelligent Assistant to provide employees quick and easy access to instant answers to their HR and IT questions, without the need to send individual emails or create additional help desk tickets,” said Sybil Stewart, DEI Director of Abrigo. “The addition of the DEI content will help us deliver clear, consistent messages on topics that are key to our culture and core values, while continuing to support the health and well-being of our employees.” 

The new Diversity, Equity, Inclusion content is included for customers at no additional cost and covers these key topics: 

  • DEI Action Plan 
  • DEI Training 
  • Diversity Events 
  • DEI Recruiting  
  • Diversity Statistics 
  • Diversity Programs Contact Information 
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) 

In addition to this announcement, MeBeBot recently added new functionality to its Intelligent Assistant Platform for HR including Push Communications and Pulse Surveys. The Push Communications feature enables customers to quickly deliver information, reminders, and updates through the organization’s chosen collaboration tool. The Pulse Survey feature enables HR teams to launch a survey and analyze results in just minutes, facilitating a rapid understanding of sentiment and providing employees with a feedback mechanism. 

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About MeBeBot 

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