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MeBeBot’s HR TalkBot launches at E2open

on August 28, 2018

We are excited to launch our HR TalkBot product with E2open (a Supply Chain Software solution leader with over 1500 global employees), to help employees get answers to their frequently asked HR questions.

“Eva” (E2open’s Virtual Assistant) had her first day of work this week, as new addition to the HR team. Eva is accessible to E2open employees via their Skype for Business contacts. Employees can chat with her anytime, from both their computers and their mobile devices.

Eva leverages chatbot technologies and natural language processing tied to a knowledge base of custom content, specific to E2open’s policies, benefits, and procedures. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, she answers questions that employees have on a daily basis and can be trained to grow her knowledge base over time.

Since adding Eva to the HR team, hundreds of questions have been accurately answered by Eva and the HR team has more time to focus on strategic initiatives. Employees can also be more productive, receiving immediate feedback without having to wait for email responses from HR. Welcome Eva!!