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Meet MeBeBot in March 2020!

on March 05, 2020

March 10, 2020 – UPDATE!

We love to interact and network with our community, both in Austin and at conferences. However, due to the precautions being taken for COVID-19, the events below have been postponed. We'll update this post with the new dates, as soon as they become available.

*However, feel free to meet with us via web conferencing:


The MeBeBot team is sensitive to the impact of the world-wide health crisis on the health and well being of our employees, workplaces, and on travel. However, MeBeBot is honoring our commitment to supporting events that further digital transformation in enterprise businesses, so that perhaps the impact of macroeconomic conditions may be minimized in the future.

In our local community of Austin, Texas, we will be supporting the ATX HR by participating in their HR Tech Demo Night, on (to be determined) at Deloitte's offices on 2nd St. in downtown Austin. We'd love for you to join us and hear from other amazing companies, developing technologies that are transformative to HR.

Click here to register for the ATX HR Tech Demo Night

SXSW, one of our favorite events in all of Austin, will continue to bring thousands of people to Austin from around the world, showcasing independent films, supporting musicians and artists, and introducing us all to the disruptive technologies and innovations that will drive our future.

MeBeBot will attending Workology's 10th annual HRetreat, on (to be determined). This event brings together hundreds of HR Leaders from all over the globe, with panels throughout the day on Diversity and Inclusion, continued HR education, and MeBeBot's Founder and CEO, Beth White, will be moderating the panel on "Digital Transformation for HR" at 1 pm CST.

Click here to register for the HRetreat

UPDATE! HR Transform has now been postponed due to COVID-19 concerns. No future date has been shared yet, but we're looking forward to participating when the organizers can re-reschedule.

Lastly, MeBeBot will be attending the annual HR Transform conference. HR Transform brings together the world’s most prominent HR executives and the innovators creating the future of work. It is your opportunity to meet the leaders who are not only thinking about the changes ahead but actually laying the groundwork for that future today.

Learn more about HR Transform here