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Microsoft Highlights MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant in Customer Success Story

on October 15, 2020

MeBeBot's customer, Epicor Software, showcases business agility during the pandemic to empower their employees, using MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant for improved employee experience.

When business challenges present themselves (as during this global pandemic), it's an opportunity to look at current business processes and ask, "how can we provide both our customers and our employees a better experience?"

MeBeBot's customer, Epicor, believes that optimizing customer experiences is only one side of the digital transformation equation. Improving employee experience is the other.

To that end, Epicor looks for ways to augment its Microsoft 365 investment, creating even more efficiencies by removing the friction from employees’ everyday experiences. The extensible nature of the Teams platform and the MeBeBot Intelligent Assistant, designed to improve the employee experience by answering questions in real time, provided the solution Epicor needed. 

“Epicor is on the leading edge and understands the importance of its people,” says Beth White, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Bot at MeBeBot. “They wanted better self-serve HR and IT support for employees around the world, and we worked together to deploy MeBeBot in Teams, providing answers to common HR and IT questions, with 30 custom questions that we tailored to global regions.”

And, the team at Microsoft realized the benefits of the Epicor and MeBeBot partnership to empower employees and published a customer story, highlighting the success of using Microsoft 365 and Teams.


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