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Not all AI and automation vendors are the same

on September 05, 2021

Employers face many challenges. Topping the list are the changing expectations of the workforce. With more open jobs than unemployed, it is time to get in tune with the workforce’s new expectations. Their expectations include enabling technology solutions that are easy to use and as helpful as the technology they use in their personal lives.

Digital platforms for your employees should assist with resolving answers to questions and facilitating work processes. Digital platforms shouldn’t complicate your world. The end goal is to improve workflows, employee experiences and raise engagement. Higher engagement leads to better profitable growth. According to Gallup, highly engaged business units outperform the least engaged by 21% in terms of profitability, 20% in terms of productivity, and 10% in terms of customer loyalty.  

Unfortunately, many of the AI and automation solution platforms employers use today are not easy to install, update and maintain – and often require additional, expensive IT support. And they are not improving employee experiences (EX)) and employee engagement, especially if the technology solution is not accurate and cannot be trusted. Companies that already lack resources to onboard employees efficiently need technology platforms that are easy to install and maintain by company staff.

Here’s what to look for in a solution provider.

In the AI and automation for workforce transformation and the employee experience solution space, MeBeBot stands out against the others in many ways. MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant is designed to be easy to implement, maintain, and update while providing employees with instant and accurate answers to their needs. MeBeBot’s solution learns and grows as employees use the Intelligent Assistant. With the “crowdsourced” approach to training the AI data model, all users/employees from all the companies leveraging the platform will help surface the “utterances” or ways employees can ask various questions, using MeBeBot.

Since all of MeBeBot’s customers leverage the same curated knowledge base, there is also a “crowdsourced” approach to creating new content or FAQs that can benefit all customers. As further questions and answers are introduced, the AI learns from all customers. All customers benefit from a shared approach to building out a solution that serves all types of employees from across the globe.

MeBeBot’s solution is designed to iterate and grow in its functionality, features and benefits over time. While the initial implementation is simply editing FAQ content and installing a bot, MeBeBot’s Customer Success team works with each customer to ensure that ongoing training of the AI occurs as new questions are asked and new FAQs are added to the knowledge base. Many of MeBeBot’s customers agree to become “Innovation Partners” by providing feedback through monthly customer meetings, quarterly business reviews, and customer satisfaction surveys. MeBeBot’s customers have a “voice” in the product direction. MeBeBot does not leave any customer “holding the bag” by requiring expensive customization services for specific business needs. We provide our customers with a solution that works, out of the box, without added expenses to get the full functionality demonstrated during the sales process.

Here are MeBeBot’s key differentiators:

1. East-to-Install. MeBeBot is easy to install, use and update. Our AI Intelligent Assistant does not require you to dedicate an IT specialist who can write code for its implementation and maintenance. No code is required. MeBeBot installs in under 10 minutes in Teams, Zoom, Slack, and as a web chat app in SharePoint. Our “bot in a box” solution allows our customers to get a head start with implementation by using our curated global database of over 250 commonly asked questions (with default answers) for HR, IT, Operations, and Finance. By simply editing the applicable placeholders (for your business) in the Customer Admin Portal, your internal subject matter experts (for payroll, benefits, IT, Operations, etc.) can change to the answers to fit your policies, processes, programs, and culture. And, our customers can access the Customer Admin Portal at any time to update the ever-changing benefits, workforce changes, etc. that highlight their competitive offerings and extend the core aspects of the company culture. Best of all, MeBeBot can be launched to employees in one to four weeks, helping to answer your employees’ questions, anytime for anywhere!

MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant and Customer Admin Portal

2. Scalable and Accurate. If your organization is growing by acquisitions and mergers (or hiring large volumes of employees), don’t worry. MeBeBot simplifies the onboarding process for these newly acquired employees. By providing them with an easy-to-use Intelligent Assistant, they can navigate the people, processes, policies, etc., and better acclimate them to the business. Using URLs (web links), videos, policies, instructions, and other detailed documents can enhance answers to further clarify changes and provide employees with more convenience. MeBeBot is dedicated to quality, reliability, and raising employee experiences. MeBeBot answers questions with a 90 percent accuracy rate. Our friendly bot even asks employees if the answers met their needs and collects feedback to share with our customers and to use for AI training needs.

3. Real-Time Usage Analytics. MeBeBot’s customer-facing dashboard generates usage data (without having to generate a report) of the volume of questions asked at specific time frames, the categories of questions employees ask, and from which location. This provides your team with real-time insights into employees’ concerns and allows you to be responsive to their needs. Answers to existing questions can be edited in minutes to keep up with the changing times.

4. Consistent Communications and Engagement. Our push messaging feature allows our customers to alert employees to company updates, provide reminders for deadlines for processes, and remind employees of upcoming events and holidays via a MeBeBot chat message. With our pulse surveys, employees can give a quick “yes” or “no” answer to employee satisfaction survey questions or to custom surveys, so that you can gather immediate insights into your employees’ needs and respond to improve engagement.

 5. Great Customer Support. Many HR, Finance, and IT leaders are frustrated with their payroll, human capital management, and other enterprise systems for poor customer support. Not with MeBeBot. When our customers need help, they can rely on our “human” assistance from our customer success team, with personalized support within 24 hours of any issue.

6. Affordable. MeBeBot is affordable and often provides a return on your investment in the first year. Our customers report about 75 percent fewer questions being asked of HR, IT, and other departments, saving these overworked professionals valuable time. Customers earn a $250k to $1M return on investment within a year. 

Why not add a digital platform that helps your whole enterprise solve problems and generate solutions quickly? Why not communicate with employees with a technology that has the convenience of consumer-grade platforms? Why not raise employee experiences by answering their commonly asked questions of HR, IT, Finance, and Operations – instantly. Why not use an AI solutions platform that often pays for itself in the first year?           

Contact us to learn how we can help you solve problems, save time for your overworked staff, improve employee experiences, and generate a great return on investment. 

Learn how MeBeBot works and talk to a consultant today!

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