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Now. More than ever. Employees have questions. MeBeBot has answers.

on March 11, 2020

By Beth White, Founder and Chief Bot of MeBeBot

As I former HR leader, I know how situations, like our current world-wide health crisis of COVID-19, impacts our families, our communities, and our workplaces. Employees look to their leadership team, to provide ongoing and frequent communications, to alleviate concerns and guide them through daily work.

It's critical that we provide our employees with ongoing updates and communications, so that we can protect their health and safety and that of our customers as well as the overall business.

MeBeBot was created with this goal in mind. By using our Intelligent Assistant , our customers can provide employees automated answer to their questions, instantly from mobile or computer devices….from anywhere in the world! We live and work in a global community and having the ability to update communications, in real time, without the assistance of development or IT, is what MeBeBot delivers to its customers.

Our customers are HR and IT team members and they can log into their Global Admin Portal, update their company's answer to a question on "Employee Wellness.," edit content to keep up-to-the-minute communications updated, and also providing links to other reference information. And, our Global Admin Portal is designed to create unique answers for each country where our customers have employees. Once their update has been made, they can publish the changes and employees will see the most up-to-date answers to their questions….immediately!

To see how easy MeBeBot is to implement today, please book a 15 min time to see a demo:

Click here to book a virtual 15 minute demo


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