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Onboarding at fast-growth companies no longer needs to be stressful

on May 09, 2021

Let's face it. New employees can be overwhelmed starting a new job…in person or remotely. They are filling out forms. Reading policies and company processes. Learning about benefits. Navigating the "who's who" in the organization along with the multiple internal systems and tools required to be productive can be daunting!

It is even more challenging when companies are going through mergers and acquisitions. In many cases, the acquired employees have new managers, titles, policies, procedures, and new relationships to build with coworkers. There is plenty of uncertainty and insecurity with issues that were once well understood, such as payroll, benefits, and IT systems.

Why not use smart technology – backed up by genuine and caring people — to make it easier, faster and stress free to support your people? Consider the case of E2open. E2open was experiencing fast growth through acquisitions and needed to hire and onboard large volumes of employees, which would triple its global headcount to over 2,400 employees in 3 years.

E2open's HR and IT team sought a new way to support their new hires and newly acquired employees in a more efficient manner. E2open wanted to offer their employees the convenience of 24/7 capability to answer their questions, but its support team could not work around the clock. They also wanted to reduce the calls, emails, and help desk tickets coming into HR and IT and manual response times back to employees. By installing MeBeBot's AI Intelligent Assistant (as an app in Teams and their SharePoint Intranet), E2open reduced call volume by 75 percent, and they reduced tickets and manual responses in half. Learn how it was achieved from our case study.

E2open leveraged the MeBeBot customer success team and our global knowledge base of FAQs to jumpstart the process of customizing and tuning their chatbot. E2open chose to integrate the bot in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, the company intranet platform used across the entire company — a process that took weeks rather than months or years.

The MeBeBot and E2open teams devised an innovative launch plan, including the chatbot in new hire packets, annual open enrollment information, and introducing MeBeBot at company All Hands meetings. The HR and IT teams sent out company emails (with embedded videos) and MeBeBot's information was added to their email signatures. Digital signage in offices and posted flyers within

physical spaces included details on how MeBeBot could help them day-to-day.

You can have the same success as E2 open streamlining your onboarding process, providing employees accurate and timely answers to their questions 24/7, and improving HR and IT operations efficiencies. At MeBeBot you will have the support of our AI-driven intelligent assistant and a caring team of customer support people who will make sure your employees are getting the answers they need and help making them aware of this new service.

Kelly Eredini, Customer Success Manager, and her team at MeBeBot also help HR and IT successfully install MeBeBot quickly and set up excellent answers to employee commonly asked questions by using our vast global database of employee questions and answers. "We provide educational videos, slides, and flyers to our customers so that they can promote MeBeBot to their workforce and newly added team members. MeBeBot helps by providing quick and automated answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when starting a new job.

Are you ready to improve the onboarding experience of your new hires? Provide all your employees with accurate and timely answers to their questions 24/7 around the globe? Streamline your HR and IT operations? Enjoy one of the best returns on investment possible with digital technology?

Contact us today for your custom Return on Investment report, to learn how you can create efficiencies, improve productivity, and save valuable time and money! Or feel free to contact us for a demo!