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People Operations teams are leading the way in improving employee experiences

on July 27, 2021

What’s one of the fastest growing, in demand, and critical role in any organization? It’s People Operations…leading the way to reinvent the ways companies interact with their people, using AI, automation, HR analytics, and digitization to improve business efficiencies, productivity and the overall employee experiences within companies. 

Laszlo Bock, in his book Work Rules!, defines this transition of traditional human resources roles to the emerging people operations roles. He describes this change in the following ways: A laser focus on gathering workforce analytics for smarter recruiting and leadership practices; implementing digital technology to improve productivity; and unleashing employee creativity with empowering leaders and ongoing learning. All of these improvements lead to improved employee experiences and company performance during his tenure at Google, leading the People Operations function.  

Whether your organization calls this function HR Tech, HR shared services, People Operations (as it is at Google), or Employee Experience, does not matter. Regardless of the name given, the emergence of People Operations groups within HR is undeniable. People Operations is doing more than taking over the HR technology solutions, they are transforming the function of HR (often using design thinking), to how employees collaborate and receive communications, give and receive feedback, and streamlining time-consuming and costly business processes.

People Operations responsibilities include:

  • Managing the employee journey, from talent acquisition to alumni relationships
  • Developing a people strategy, to attain, manage, and invest your people/team to align with the desired outcomes
  • Increasing employee value and engagement
  • Updating HR systems and technologies to create solutions for improved business processes
  • Analyzing metrics to desired outcomes
  • Helping to achieve the wider goals of the organization

How do People Operations differ from Human Resources?

The movement towards People Operations has often been described as a key shift in the way companies understand the value of their employees. The function of People Operations is focused on designing work so that employees understand their value to their businesses and the importance of their contributions to the overall business goals. Since people are an organization’s biggest competitive advantage, the more talented and engaged they are, the higher the company will soar. Engaged teams can create more profits, are more empowered to work harder every day, and less likely to burn out compared to disengaged employees

People Operations leaders preparing for 2022 are carrying the torch. In addition to tracking the performance of their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Payroll, Performance Management, Learning and Development and Human Capital Management systems, they have their work cut out for them with gargantuan shifts: 

  • the ongoing impact of the COVID19 endemic
  • new priorities for hybrid and remote working (and delayed return dates to the office) 
  • challenges in attracting, hiring and onboarding talent, and
  • surging employee turnover and salaries.  

These vast shifts are also changing the priorities for leading the workforce and HR digitization. Through all this rapid change, what ought to be the priorities for People Operations? 

In this environment of constant change and fears about employee safety, the importance of getting instant employee feedback, analytics, and improving communications is paramount. The Hackett Group reported earlier this year that the focus on HR technology had shifted now from learning videos, online health services for employees, video interviewing, and collaboration tools to the following: 

  • pulse surveys and employee feedback systems  
  • employee online monitoring tools  
  • predictive modeling 
  • chatbots to handle inquiries 
  • recruiting chatbots 
  • onboarding chatbots 

MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant addresses these emerging priorities for high-tech, growing companies, and those with heavy merger and acquisition agendas: handling all types of employee inquiries (the “one stop bot for HR, IT, and Ops FAQs), pulse surveys for immediate employee feedback, consistency in communications, people data analytics (real-time usage insights), and onboarding support to improve productivity.

MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant provides the technology solution to automatically answer your employees’ HR, IT, and operations inquiries with astonishing accuracy. Our friendly bot even asks, “was this helpful?” to gain feedback from employees about the quality of the answer provided, improving accuracy further and building a relationship with your employees while supporting their needs.  

We track changes in employee questions that can be a harbinger of new issues in your workforce. In addition, our Intelligent Assistant is asked hundreds of questions daily from around the world, enabling us to partner with you on emerging and global workforce trends and how others are addressing these concerns, whether it is return-to-work guidelines or onboarding employees. 

Our Intelligent Assistant installs in under 30 minutes as an app in Teams, Zoom, Slack, and we have a web chat app too! Our solution answers employee questions with a 90 percent accuracy rate and knowledge base of 250+ FAQs continues to grow to support global employees. Our customers earn a $250k to $1M return on investment within a year, receive improved data on their workforces, and improved employee experiences. 

Contact MeBeBot to see how we can quickly and economically improve the success of your People Operations Team today!