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Suite of AI Intelligent Assistant Tools

Image of MeBeBot Suite of HR Chatbot Tools

Knowledge Base

  • MeBeBot comes with a knowledge base of common employee questions and answers consolidated by organizational experts. Quickly edit, update and customize the knowledge base with content specifically for your company in real-time with the user-friendly editor, no coding necessary.

AI Chatbot

  • Just like a member of the team, employees can chat with MeBeBot in Slack, Teams, or other communication channels where it delivers for accurate and helpful responses from your company-specific knowledge base.


  • Display and Analyze key metrics including time and date driven usage, specific questions asked, and gain insights to employee engagement needs from across the globe.

Manager ToolBotâ„¢

  • Personalized AI tools that help improve communication, support development and accelerate time-to-productivity for people managers.

Pulse Surveys

  • Track engagement, sentiment and needs so you can understand and create an employee experience and company culture that effectively manages change and drives retention.

Push Messaging

  • Utilize MeBeBot as a direct channel for messaging targeted to specific internal teams based on location or business unit to convey real-time or scheduled company announcements, reminders, even important alerts.

ROI value of implementing AI Intelligent Assistant technology.

Image of MeBeBot's ROI Calculator for HR Chatbots

Save Time & Money

  • MeBeBot saves employees 1-2 hours of time each week, spent looking for answers to questions in company intranets or other shared document services
  • MeBeBot saves HR, IT and any other operational role (facilities, accounting, etc.) 1-2 hours of time per day otherwise spent, manually answering questions via emails, phone calls, messages, or support tickets.
  • MeBeBot returns a time to value in under 2 months and the average ROI value exceeds 75% per customer today!

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