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Push Messaging

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Push Messaging

Cut through information overload and get employees' attention with Push Messaging, delivering reminders, alerts, and notifications in the flow of work in Slack or Teams.


Push Messaging

In just four easy steps, that take just minutes to complete, you can create and launch a push message. Distribution can include Slack or Teams groups/channels or you can upload a CSV file for more precise targeting of your audience.


Push Messaging

We've done the hard work for you! Our Push Messaging tool comes with a template library of frequently used communcations. All you need to do is select and edit the content to reflect your unique needs or create your own from scratch.


Push Messaging

Creating and editing message content is easy and takes just minutes. Designed for flexibility, you can create custom communications that include links to relevant content.

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Push Messaging helps organizations cut through the noise and reach employees that are overwhelmed with information

In this rapidly changing business climate, it is becoming more and more important to communicate with employees with speed and agility. Employees are overwhelmed with information and important messages are not getting the attention they need.

With so many communication options – voice, email, intranets, and texts – it can be confusing and employees commonly spend more time than they would like making sense of it all. Collaboration tools like Slack and Teams are a step in the right direction, providing a platform that enhances communication and becomes the center of the work experience.

MeBeBot’s Push Messaging is designed to send out timely reminders, alerts, or notifications to employees within their Teams, Slack, or SharePoint environments. Internal HR, IT, Facilities, Operations, and Communications teams can create, schedule, and choose recipients to receive these messages within the flow of work.

Push Messaging Features

  • MeBeBot’s Push Messaging functionality delivers alerts, reminders, and notifications to employees in the flow of work – as an app in Slack, Teams, or SharePoint.  
  • In just four easy steps that take just minutes to execute, Push Messages can be created, customized, scheduled, and released.
  • Includes crowdsourced templates making it easy to create and edit new communications.
  • Messages can be sent to Teams or Slack channels or groups, or you can upload a CSV file for more precise targeting such as departments, business units, or geographic locations.

Push Messaging Benefits

  • Helps provide employee communication through all levels of the organization, delivered in the flow of work to get the attention it needs.
  • Helps communicate critical and timely information such as deadlines for open enrollment, performance management process, payroll changes, tax deadlines, compliance trainings, and IT system outages or updates.
  • Elevates the employee experience by providing employees with the information they need to feel connected to the organization.
  • Allows users to create and deliver messages in just minutes, saving time and gaining efficiency

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