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Pulse surveys within collaboration tools for real-time employee engagement results

on June 27, 2021

Are you utilizing employee surveys to gauge employee reactions for returning to your workplaces or for hybrid work business decisions? Do you use survey tools that are sent via email, waiting for employees to link to websites or portals, to share their feedback over several weeks?

Traditional quarterly and annual employee surveys result in 30-40 percent participation. Yes the desired participation response rates by companies are 60 percent or higher to generate meaningful and actionable responses. Managing employee surveys can be a complex process, but employee sentiment is best measured "in the moment" using pulse surveys, to capture immediate employee sentiment and needs.

Pulse surveys are more agile than traditional methods of collecting employee feedback (vs. annual employe survey), providing employees the opportunity to share feedback more frequently. And, companies have the chance to react more quickly to that feedback. More importantly, when employees have the opportunity to provide continuous feedback, it creates an environment where employees feel valued and heard, which are key drivers to employee retention and overall work satisfaction.

Studies show that employees are more likely to engage with their company and co-workers within the "flow of work," using collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. So, why not combine the benefits of pulse surveys within collaboration tools, like Slack and Teams?

MeBeBot is excited to introduce PULSE SURVEYS, using the same AI chatbot solution used to automate answers to employees' frequently asked HR, IT and Operations questions.

Watch the video below to see how to create, schedule and send a pulse survey to specific recipient groups, through Slack or Teams.

Pulse surveys allow your company to send out a quick one question or statement, to solicit feedback on a specific topic, allowing MeBeBot Customer Admin Portal Users to gather real-time feedback.

Here's how easy it is to use pulse surveys:

1. Create the survey, by selecting the date/time to send out the pulse survey. Then, choose the recipient groups (using your existing distribution lists), customize your greeting, and select the question to ask. Each pulse survey will be open for collecting results for 7 days (before the survey is closed).

2. Employees will receive the pulse survey, via the MeBeBot app in Teams or Slack, with the statement to respond to YES or NO to the specific feedback request.

(view in Microsoft Teams below)

(view in Slack below)

3. MeBeBot Admin Portal users will receive a email confirmation that the survey has been sent to the specific recipient group.

4. Results are displayed in real-time, showing the active participation and feedback results by employees, for the 7 day time frame of the pulse survey (ready to download or print).

Participation in pulse surveys are typically 25-50 percent higher than traditional employee surveys, which require more time to complete and are sent via email. Using the same communication and collaborations (like Slack and Teams) that employees use daily to chat with their co-workers to distribute the pulse survey generates instant feedback from your employees in their flow of work.

MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant not only allows your employees to receive instant answers to their questions, but you can also push out notifications/reminders and gather employee feedback instantly, extending the value of your AI chatbot for elevating the employee experience.

Why wait? Get started today with MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant, that's easy to implement,

creates efficiencies and is affordable for any size company's budget.