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Real-time people analytics to guide smart companies to optimize performance

on October 16, 2021

Informed HR Teams have known for years that talent metrics can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the workforce and the performance of teams, managers, and employees. In the 2020s, talent metrics are digitally leaping forward with instant data gathering, measures, and insights to improve organizational performance. 

At the center of the transformation is the People Operations team, focused on digital technology for HR and People Analytics. At their full potential, people operations can report on nearly every aspect of talent performance from the impact of changes to the performance management system, new social media sources for recruiting, sales commission’s structure, and the success of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.  

Building an influential people operations team first requires the self-enlightened support of the executive team. The evidence from sources such as McKinsey and Gartner shows that organizations that invest in their workforces reap higher performance results and faster profitable growth.  

McKinsey reports that companies with very effective talent management are six times more likely to report higher total return to shareholders (TRS) than competitors, versus those at companies with very ineffective talent management. 

Gartner’s analysis of S&P 500 companies 2020 earnings call transcripts shows that organizations that balanced workforce cost savings with targeted talent investments outpaced organizations that solely focused on cost reduction. “Successful organizations did more than target reactive cost savings to improve performance metrics in the short term,” said Seyda Berger-Böcker, Director Analyst in the Gartner HR practice, speaking about various strategies to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. “They also optimized costs and funded new investments. This balance between cost savings and bold talent investment opportunities is vital for protecting an organization’s continued growth capabilities.”   

Without workforce analytics, organizations cannot effectively lead their workforces or optimize costs during a challenging pandemic year like 2020. Gartner advises executives to evolve talent analytics into human capital intelligence. To this end, the people operations analytics team is a deeply embedded analytics function to serve employee and manager needs, providing robust talent data to help leaders make better talent decisions.  

Video of MeBeBot Pulse Surveys

Projects for people analytics teams in 2021 and 2022 may include the measurements of discretionary employee efforts and intent to stay trends. The advanced people operations teams will put in place predictive models (based on historical knowledge and workforce data), for forecasting attrition. They will identify opportunities for investments in upskilling, compensation and benefits, and other programs to impact employee satisfaction.      

Digital technology is the great enabler of real-time data and trends for people operations and HR analytics. Using intelligent assistants as apps within their collaboration solutions (such as Teams and Slack), people operations can survey employees on essential issues that impact their future investments. A closely related issue is how to implement a hybrid work model that fits the work-to-be-done and culture of your organization. Surveys show that as much as 60 percent of the workforce does not want to return to work five days a week and may leave rather than return to that pre-pandemic regiment. Employee pulse surveys through chatbots can provide keen employee insights and for segments of the workforce.  

To ensure greater participation and more accurate results, these executive decisions can be informed by pulse surveys delivered to employees through MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant app (in the flow of work). The results of these decisions are more widely embraced by employees, who have had a voice in the outcome. 

Another way people operations groups can inform their business leaders of employees’ needs is by analyzing the usage results of queries to chatbots. Employees across the globe widely use MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant to get instant, automated answers to their HR, IT, and Operations questions, from “when will I receive my first paycheck” to “when are we returning to our offices.” 

Our dashboard generates usage data into the kinds of questions employees ask, from which location, and their satisfaction with the answers. This provides the HR, IT, and Operations team members with real-time insights into employees’ concerns and provides a way to respond and act immediately. Answers to questions can be updated or changed in minutes by any business user using MeBeBot’s Customer Admin Portal. Push messages can be sent via MeBeBot to ensure employees have up-to-the-minute information and reminders. 

People operations and people analysis are here to stay. As they become more sophisticated, people operations leaders will provide reliable and predictive recommendations to inform executive decisions on attracting, leading, developing, and inspiring their workforces.  

Excellent people operations teams are dependent, however, on the latest digital technology to gather information on the hopes, worries, changing expectations and performance of the workforce. Intelligent assistants, especially those that can gather employee feedback and track changing employee questions, can help management detect emerging trends and better shape its communications to the workforce. MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant provides the technology solution to automatically answer your employees’ HR, IT, and operations inquiries with astonishing accuracy.   

As needed by people operations teams, MeBeBot’s dashboard displays granular detail of various employee questions that can harbor new issues in your workforce. In addition, our Intelligent Assistant answers hundreds of questions daily from thousands of employees around the world. Our global database enables us to partner with you to solve emerging and global workforce trends and share how others are addressing these concerns, from return-to-workplace guidelines, onboarding remote employees, or even M&A activities.   

MeBeBot installs in under 30 minutes as an app in Teams, Zoom, Slack, and as a webchat app too! Our solution answers employee questions with a 90 percent accuracy rate and a knowledge base of 250+ FAQs to support global employees. Our customers earn a $250k to $1M return on investment within a year. Most importantly, for maturing people operations teams, they receive real-time, actionable data and insights into the most valuable part of any business: its employees.   

Contact MeBeBot to see how we can quickly and economically improve the success of your People Operations Team today!