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Relief is here! Reduce employee frustrations and improve productivity with automated FAQ help

on February 07, 2021

Have you been frustrated, searching for the answer to what you thought was a simple question, only to find yourself searching for fifteen minutes…with no answer in sight? You are not alone.

Employees are increasingly frustrated trying to find the answers to their questions at work. The dramatic expansion of shared sites and different enterprise tools/platforms has added to the problem. Many employees often spend up to 25 percent of their time searching through as many as five separate platforms to find the answers they need, frustrating themselves and wasting time. And, managers have this same frustration, too!

In the era of remote work, employees can no longer amble down the hallway to ask HR or IT for answers. Increasingly, call centers have long delays in getting back to employees, even for tier 1 questions.

With a year of the pandemic under our belt, research shows that employees feel increasingly isolated from their leaders and peers, impacting their engagement at work. Research from Gallup shows that employee engagement fell in 2020, and when employees feel isolated and frustrated, as they do today, it can affect their personal and professional wellbeing. Together, time wasted finding answers to questions, and the feeling of isolation is exasperating their alignment to the company's mission and employee experience.

Perhaps it is no wonder that reducing the levels of frustration and isolation is a top goal of many HR leaders for 2021, according to Gartner's recent survey. "In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, HR leaders are moving away from crisis management toward focusing on what will make their organizations strong, both today and in the future," said Mark Whittle, vice president of advisory in the Gartner HR practice.

Managers and employees no longer need to be frustrated and waste time in their search for answers. Digital technology exists today to make these searches painless and instantaneous, and the answers are available 24/7. Employees and their leaders can spend less time searching for solutions and more time doing the work they were hired to do, achieving excellence, rebuilding relationships with each other, and improving their performance.

Many companies are turning to digital technology to provide fast answers to commonly asked employee questions. HR leaders investigating this solution are finding that AI-driven intelligent assistants, such as MeBeBot, can be installed in four to six weeks, depending on the company's size and complexity. MeBeBot is affordable, easy to update, and provides a fantastic return-on-investment to the company's Chief Financial Officers.

MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant produces 90 percent accuracy in the answers MeBeBot provides their customers' employees, resulting in a 75 percent decline in questions coming into HR and IT, generating improvements to employee productivity. Our customers find their HR and IT staff spends less time answering employee questions and more time working on strategic projects that drive growth.

MeBeBot integrates easily into the collaboration tools that companies have, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, ZOOM, or web chat (in SharePoint or company Intranets). This means employees can quickly ask questions and receive answers in a platform they already know how to use and trust.

Another advantage of MeBeBot is its dashboard with valuable analytics, which surfaces emerging issues among the workforce based on the questions they ask. This valuable data can be used to improve the current answers to questions or to surface new custom questions to add to the knowledge base. Our Customer Success Managers quickly alert our customers to the new issues and how they can address and respond to them promptly, using MeBeBot's Customer Portal.

Finally, companies experiencing rapid global growth, either organically or through acquisitions, appreciate MeBeBot's global capability and the advantages of rapidly assimilating and onboarding new employees to the company's mission, culture, and policies as well as their country-specific payroll, benefits and policy needs.

You and your employees no longer need to be frustrated in trying to get fast and accurate answers to the commonly asked questions of HR and IT. You can decrease by 75 percent the questions coming into HR and IT, raise the employee experience, and allow your employees to focus on their work today!

Get started today using MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant