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A cost-effective helping hand for your HR teams

  • Answering questions frees up resources to focus on key initiatives
  • More cost effective than having 24/7 support staff or manually answering questions
  • Knowledge base that’s quick to edit and update, with hundreds of FAQs, curated to include benefits, payroll, compensation, and policies tailored to your employees’ specific global location
  • Dashboard provides real-time usage visibility to your employees’ needs and engagement, providing actionable insights

Automation Puts HR At Everyone's Fingertips

MeBeBot’s Automated HR Solutions provides an easy and straightforward way for your employees and people managers to get the support they need.


Available to your employees in communications channels that they are already utilizing, such as Slack, Teams, or as a web chat app in SharePoint .


Available 24/7 anywhere your teams are with instant answers so your support staff can focus on business-critical work.


Personalized answers to common questions and concerns about benefit, payroll, and other HR policies, specific to the country or location they live in.