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A cost-effective first line assistance
for your  IT  Helpdesk

  • Answering questions automatically frees up resources
  • More cost effective than having 24/7 support staff and answering tickets manually
  • Knowledge base that’s quick to edit and update, curated to include links to other resources that resolve systems administration issues for your employees
  • Dashboard provides real-time usage visibility to your employees’ needs and engagement make MeBeBot like a member of the team with minimal setup
  • Available on both computer and mobile devices, to support hardware issues.

Automated IT Helpdesk for Tier 1  Support

MeBeBot provides an easy and straightforward way to provide tier 1 level IT support to your employees without incurring resource intensive manual tickets.

Continuous Improvement

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), with powerful AI technology, your IT knowledge base improves as questions are answered.


Available 24/7 anywhere your teams are with instant answers so your IT staff can focus on time sensitive and business-critical work.


Baseline IT support topics are readily accessible to help your employees stay productive.