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The 2019 HR Artificial Intelligence Survey Results have been released

on September 29, 2019

According to the results of the Workology 2019 Human Resources Artificial Intelligence Survey (co-sponsored by MeBeBot), our research indicates that over 80% of participants identified specific HR processes where artificial intelligence (AI) dramatically improves efficiencies, yet over 30% have not budgeted for AI and over 40% believe AI implementations take over 6 months.

In a zero unemployment market, talent acquisition and retention are extremely competitive and diversity is expected, as employees require more modern collaboration and communication tools and visibility to career paths and development.

Key findings include:

34% of respondents shared that AI was not yet on their technology roadmap, yet 44% plan to implement AI

The top focuses for AI use in HR are in automation to drive employee retention and recruitment and sourcing

Artificial intelligence is overwhelmingly expected to improve efficiencies in both human resources and recruitment function.