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The Need For Speed: Re-Inventing the Organization for Productivity

on September 07, 2020

Companies changed many components of their businesses to survive the impacts from the global pandemic. Organizations across the globe accomplished the difficult pivot in record time. Getting things done fast meant removing boundaries between internal business teams in untested ways.

There’s no looking back now. Organizations that never believed it was possible to move onsite employees to remote overnight are now looking at what’s next to navigate these turbulent times.

The interaction between technology and people, is at the heart of a businesses’ new operating model. An organization designed for speed will see powerful outcomes, including greater customer responsiveness, an enhanced employee experience, improved productivity, driving revenues, and return on capital.

By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), organizations can gain the speed they need to move faster to re-invent their organizations for productivity.

According to a recent CIO research study, 76% of senior decision makers agree that AI is fundamental to the success of their organizational strategy. Over 2/3 of the respondents have implemented some form of AI, with 39% stating that AI has had a direct impact on overall revenues. Moreover, the most common uses of AI were for automating routine processes and tasks, providing cost savings and increased productivity.

Here are some of the examples of the clear benefits of using AI to drive productivity in organizations, with results that are impactful for any business of any size or industry.

Source: Amplifying Human Potential Towards Purposeful AI

When technology and people are interacting in new ways, getting things done fast and breaking down barriers is the heart of the new operating model, based on:

Velocity- How can you move faster and put solutions in place?

Accuracy- Can you ensure new solutions produce accurate results?

Time to Value- Is the solution cost-effective and easy to implement?

With MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant and AI platform, companies can gain the speed they need by implementing a global solution that automates answers to employees’ frequently asked HR, IT, and Operations questions in weeks!.

How do we do it? By providing our customers’ with a web-based portal, we have curated hundreds of HR, IT and Operations questions and answers and our customers simply edit answers to launch the solution in weeks. Our AI Platform ensures over 85% accuracy of answers to employee questions, providing our customers with the time to value they need and a first step on a path to leveraging AI for employee support and engagement.

While no one can predict when or how the pandemic will end, companies are learning as they organize for the future, leveraging AI technologies with human ingenuity and speed, will give your company clear advantages well into the future.

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