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The ROI of the Employee Experience

on October 03, 2021

The buzz at this year’s HR Technology Conference and Expo was how Covid-19 accelerated the future of work and how critical Employee Experience (EX) is to overall organizational profitability.  

A significant portion of the conference speakers and panel discussions were focused on creating a work experience that motivates employees to achieve organizational goals and objectives while maintaining a collaborative and growing workforce. Employees still remain concerned about returning to work with the Covid-19 endemic still infectious. Countless employers have delayed their return-to-work dates sensing the fear of their employees. Employers also want to avoid legal liabilities. Meanwhile, employees desire technology solutions that support hybrid work and are easy-to-use, assist in tasks and learning, and help to stay connected with their teams. 

Unfortunately, many employers are not focusing on providing solutions in the flow of work. They are confusing the work experience, not improving it, with too many HR tech solutions. According to industry analyst Josh Bersin, the average company has 70 employee applications, which causes app overload (too many for effective use). If employees don’t know how to use the app, they won’t adopt the solution or get the information/learning they need—and they will not have a great experience. Just as bad as confusing employees is the lost return on investment (ROI) by underutilized apps. 

Sapient Insight’s most recent research on HR tech spend has found that Covid-19 and the transition to remote work and hybrid work models have driven up its investment by 57 percent with a major focus on learning, recruiting, HR analytics, benefits and wellness, and skills management. 

Sapient Insights reports that the hybrid work environment is here to stay, with 50% of organizations stating that at least half of their workforce currently operate in remote work environments. That said, Sapient Insights found that returning to the workplace is the goal for more than 70% of organizations, creating the need for workable hybrid work models that fit each organization’s culture. 

For the last 18 months, organizations found that their technology solutions and their technology vendors played an important role in their ability to move forward in managing employees through the pandemic. Sapient Insights also found that HR tech satisfaction appears to be tied to the size of the organization, as small companies generally tended to be happier with their HR technology. 

MeBeBot, the “one-stop bot” AI Intelligent Assistant, easily answers commonly asked employee questions of HR, IT and Operations 24/7, providing a great return on investment and a quick time to value. Our customers realize an extraordinary $250K to $1M return on investment (ROI) in the first year. How do they achieve this return?

There are three key ways MeBeBot drives ROI:

The first way is that the number of questions fielded by HR or IT drops by as much as 75 percent, saving HR and IT team members’ time on repetitive “low value” work and shifting their time to more strategic “high value” work. Our fast-growing customers hire less HR and IT team members as they significantly grow their workforces. Because MeBeBot scales with their employee growth, by answering the questions of both existing employees and onboarding new hires or acquired employees, our customers have more time/focus on strategic initiatives that drive revenues and overall profits.

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The second way is saving the time of employees. Many studies suggest that employees can spend up to two hours a day looking for answers to their work-related questions. MeBeBot provides instant answers with 90 percent accuracy to employee questions and requests employee feedback to validate that the answers were helpful or not (applying human supervised machine learning). When MeBeBot saves employees time by providing immediate answers to their questions, it not only represents considerable savings and increased company productivity, but it improves employee satisfaction.  

The third way ROI is generated is the value of employee retention and engagement, created using new features within MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant. By using “Push Messaging” to improve employee communications, “Pulse Surveys,” to gather employee feedback, and our “AI Dashboard” to provide employee usage data, organizations can better respond to employees’ needs, elevating their employee experience. Research indicates that when employees are “in the loop” to the company’s mission/vision/values, they are more likely to engage in their career development, collaborate with their co-workers, and support the overall company goals.

MeBeBot is an AI solution that’s easy to use, easy to install and easy to maintain. MeBeBot has been designed and developed for non-technical business users, as a “bot in a box” (no code) solution. By installing as an app in Microsoft Teams, Slack, or as a web chat in minutes, your employees have access to MeBeBot 24/7, from mobile or computer devices, when they need quick answers.

Moreover, what makes MeBeBot truly unique is our curated library of over 250 HR, IT, and Operational questions and answers that our customers merely edit and update to fit their payroll, benefits, policies, etc. After testing and fine-tuning our AI data model (using natural language processing and machine learning technology), MeBeBot can be up and running in two to four weeks answering your employees’ questions with 90 percent accuracy. And, our customer success team guides you through the implementation process, sharing best practices to ensure MeBeBot is ready to empower your US-based or global workforce to gain the help they need, when they need it.  

The pressures of the Covid-19 endemic and hybrid work models won’t be ending soon. The theme at the recent HR Technology conference reiterated that solutions that are easy to implement and use will provide a fantastic return-on-investment and will elevate your employee experience and profitable growth of your company. 

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