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The Top 3 Takeaways on Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

on October 01, 2020

According to Harvard University research, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to add $13 trillion to the global economy over the next decade. This boom is catalyzed by the increased adoption of advanced technology, like AI, by businesses to support and benefit both their customers’ experience and their employees’ experiences, saving us all valuable time and money.

In its annual report, Deloitte revealed important trends for the future of AI, including that 70% of survey respondents said their organizations were exploring or using AI at some level within their workplaces.

Among other important insights into AI, The 2020 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends research unravels the myths that AI would replace human resources for robotic automation. 

Here are the top three takeaways from the large-scale report that you should know. 

1) AI won’t replace workers; it will assist them.

While the “demise of jobs by robots” is an attention-grabbing headline, workers don’t believe AI will decrease jobs at the organization, as survey respondents report the exact opposite. Based on the research, 54% of survey respondents said the number of jobs will remain stable, but the nature of the job will change.

Called “Superteams” by Deloitte, many companies have already integrated AI into teams to produce transformative results. A majority of employees also believe AI will assist rather than replace workers – 60% of respondents. And of those same respondents, 58% said AI will be used to improve consistency and quality.

2) Companies want to share knowledge with employees but are not prepared to do so.

According to Deloitte’s research, 75% of surveyed organizations say creating and preserving knowledge across evolving workforces is important or very important for their success over the next 12–18 months. Yet, only 9% of those same respondents say they are ready to address this trend.

This research also shows that nearly a third of companies use AI in their knowledge management strategy, yet few companies have this foundation. 

This knowledge base gap explains why 67% of those surveyed said they have yet to incorporate AI into their knowledge management strategy beyond a small extent.

MeBeBot is bridging this gap, as we’ve designed our solution to provide a curated knowledge base of hundreds of questions and answers to ease this first step in the transition process. 

With the increase of both on-premise and a remote workforce, access to knowledge can be challenging. With MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant, employees simply ask their HR, IT, or Operations questions, like “how do I use the web conferencing system?” or “how can I find my paycheck receipt,” and MeBeBo’s AI automatically finds the answers with accuracy, specific to each business culture and operations.

3) Companies will use AI to reimagine the nature of work.

Organizations’ attitudes are changing to where and how work is done. Employees look to their employers not only for financial means but for life-long learning needs. 

According to Deloitte’s research, 73% of employees look to their organization for ongoing career and workforce development. 

Deloitte’s report expresses that AI will become one of the most significant areas of professional development required. However, research shows companies are not prepared to deliver this education. In fact, only 68% of respondents said they are making moderate investments or no investment in training on AI.  Yet, there are opportunities to bridge this skills gap by providing employees with solutions and tools that help them to be productive and efficient, which are leveraging AI so that they can learn basic principles in a meaningful way.

The Takeaway for You

Artificial intelligence will assist rather than replace jobs in the workplace. Providing employees the tools, training, and time to learn how AI will improve their jobs will be vital to a companies growth in today’s modern market.

There is a significant gap between the integration of AI within an organization’s knowledge management strategy – nearly 70% of organizations have yet to include AI in their knowledge management strategy. 

With our innovative technology, MeBeBot is the first step to a path to integrating AI into the workplace, allowing both employees and the business stakeholders to receive an “easy win” and a quick time to value. By empowering employees to find the answers they need through the power of AI, organizations are in a more competitive position to grow, scale, and support the ongoing societal challenges.

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