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Why AI Solutions, like MeBeBot, are part of the new Superteams

on October 29, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is no longer hype or far-fetched, instead, the rise of teams and the adoption of artificial intelligence come together to enable organizations and individuals to reinvent themselves and work together in new, more productive ways.

Once considered a threat to jobs across the globe, artificial intelligence is being integrated by leading organizations, that are actively searching for strategies to integrate AI into teams to produce transformative business results.

Solutions like MeBeBot are highly sought out by high performing companies to automate repetitive tasks and add value to a team's overall productivity. And, when AI is incorporated within a human team, a new group is formed – the Superteam.

Coined by Deloitte, the term Superteam describes the integration of AI into teams to produce transformative business results. By combining people and machines, leveraging their complementary capabilities to solve problems, valuable insights are gained and business value is created. Note that in the definition itself, AI is assisting team members instead of replacing them.

Deloitte believes Superteams will enable an organization to revamp themselves to redefine their value and purpose. Plus, the Superteams will allow workers to reposition their careers in ways that will increase their value to the company and enhance their career trajectory.

The rise of the Superteam is just one part of the digital transformation taking shape in today's business world. The idea of integrating AI into a team is precisely what MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant accomplishes – to support employees with their needs for instant answers to their questions to improve the employee experience. According to Harvard Business Review, companies who don't believe AI will be an essential member of the team will find themselves left behind.

Deloitte predicts that integrating AI into a team is crucial to add value because teams are the foundational unit where most work is accomplished.

Using MeBeBot, organizations can create these Superteams with ease. By combining people with powerful machine learning from AI, a company can leverage these complementary capabilities to achieve new levels of intelligence.

One of the core objectives of MeBeBot is not to replace jobs, but to assist employees in helping to elevate the employee role within the organization, with a focus on more strategic tasks that benefit their career aspirations, in turn, benefit the company.

So, how can a company integrate AI into a team to create these Superteams? According to Deloitte, there are five key domains and 12 steps to building this high-performing team.

AI solutions, like MeBeBot, also assist teams by limiting inaccuracies that can occur through outdated content or misinformation due to the fast pace of organizational change. Plus, MeBeBot’s solution provides a knowledge base of hundreds of curated common questions and answers, pre-trained by AI to understand the various ways employees formulate these questions, so that accurate answers are delivered immediately.

Companies like E2open, a MeBeBot customer, is already taking proactive steps to enhance their employees’ experience through the use of AI for both the HR and IT teams.

"With MeBeBot, we can provide all our 2,400 employees around the world, within the moment support for both HR and IT needs," Debbie Smith, Executive Vice President of HR for E2open, said. "E2open values innovation and MeBeBot provides an intelligent solution which enables the HR team to direct time otherwise spent answering routine or repetitive questions to higher-value projects."

E2open's Assistant Vice President of IT and Business Systems Vlad Temnov shares a similar embrace of AI tools like MeBeBot.

"At E2open, our employees' needs are the focus of the IT solutions and tools we provide to the business," Temnov said. "When IT and HR can work together to provide solutions to address employee needs and business challenges, we can also partner together to select, implement, and share the budgets for technology that benefits the company and drives productivity."

Do you want to see how MeBeBot can seamlessly integrate into your team to create a Superteam? Watch a demo to learn more.