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Will your employer brand withstand the 2021 surge in employee turnover?

on March 14, 2021

The vaccinating of the US workforce will unleash incredible economic growth. A group of economists forThe Wall Street Journal have predicted an average economic growth rate in 2021 for the US economy of 6 percent and strong projections for rapid hiring.

Employers will see higher turnover levels than they have seen in years and they will experience a more challenging time retaining employees, as one in four employees may leave their employers to look for better opportunities post-pandemic. Is your employer brand and your transition to the future of work up to the challenge?

For years, research has taught employers that companies with fantastic employer brands fare better in the competition of attracting and keeping great talent. Traditionally, great employer brands have included an employee value proposition with excellent salaries and benefits, supportive management, wonderful work experience with fulfilling work, and investments in employee learning and career opportunities.

But in 2021, the traditional definition of employer brand will not be enough to retain your best employees. The necessity of staying safe during the pandemic and the innovation it brought to the work experience adds a new dimension to employer brand competitiveness. Office employees do not want to go back to the pre-pandemic office. They want a hybrid work environment that allows them to work at least half the week from home and allows more flexibility during the workday to reduce stress and burnout.

They want technology that improves communications flows, workplace transitions, and provides employees answers when needed, which reduces the stress of waiting for support. Many employees and managers often spend up to 25 percent of their time searching through as many as five separate platforms to find the answers they need, frustrating themselves and wasting time.

Research from Gallup shows that employee engagement fell in 2020, and when employees feel isolated and frustrated, as they do today, it can affect their personal and professional wellbeing. Frustrated employees look for new employers. Perhaps it is no wonder that reducing the levels of frustration and isolation is a top goal of many HR leaders for 2021, according to Gartner's recent survey. Employers are moving away from the crisis management of dealing with the pandemic to transitioning to the future world-of-work.

Digital technology is front and center in the future of work. Companies are learning to use the same AI-powered technologies to find new customers and build incredible customer relationships with their employees. The end goals are often to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and reduce employee stress.

HR leaders who prioritize improving the employee experience are finding that AI-driven intelligent assistants, such as MeBeBot, are solutions to drive employee retention. MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant produces 90 percent accuracy in the answers MeBeBot provides their customers' employees, resulting in a 75 percent decline in questions coming into HR and IT, resulting in improvements to employee productivity. MeBeBot customers find that the HR and IT team members spend less time answering employee questions and more time working on strategic projects that drive growth.

MeBeBot integrates easily into the collaboration tools that companies utilize, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, ZOOM, or web chat (in SharePoint or company Intranets). With MeBeBot, employees can quickly ask questions and receive answers in a platform they already know how to use and trust. The solution can be installed in days to weeks, depending on the company's size and complexity. And, MeBeBot's dashboard provides real-time usage and valuable analytics, which surfaces emerging issues among the workforce based on the questions they ask. MeBeBot is affordable, easy to update, and provides a fantastic return-on-investment to impress any member of your executive team, so why wait?

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